Sing your Heart Out in Tokyo on the First Karaoke Ferris Wheel in the World!

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  • Disneyland Tokyo is not actually located in Japan’s capital city. It is in Chiba, around an hour’s train ride from Tokyo Station. A rather famous entertainment park in the area that actually is in Tokyo is Tokyo Dome City. It includes several attractions including the ever-popular Big-O, which is considered to be one of the biggest centerless non-rotating Ferris wheels in the world. It is an interesting ride that has been entertaining locals and visitors for several years. Recently, the attraction added an exciting feature which allows riders to sing their heart out for 15 minutes while the wheel goes on a full rotation.

    Tokyo Dome City and Big-O

    Since Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are overcrowded places to visit for fun, some people prefer going to Tokyo Dome City. This is a modern-looking amusement complex that was formerly known as Big Egg City. It holds the largest concert venue where many famous artists put on their shows.

    The stadium also serves as a place where professional baseball games are held yearly. Other than this, international sports can also be witnessed here such as NFL (National Football League) games or NBA (National Basketball Association) games. The place features several attractions which are divided into different zones.

    The most popular attraction of all is the Big-O, the non-rotating Ferris wheel with a 60-meter diameter. This is a contemporary Ferris wheel that takes riders to a new level of exciting height. The “Thunder Dolphin,” a steel roller coaster, also goes through it. It is also said that this coaster has a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour, so you can just imagine how fast it goes through the Big-O.

    Karaoke Ferris Wheel

    A lot of Japanese people enjoy karaoke, an interactive form of entertainment in which a person sings the lyrics of a song with the recorded instrumental music. Recently, Tokyo Dome City added a new feature for the Big-O. In collaboration with Karaoke Joysound, Big-O will allow riders to sing their favorite songs in the car for 15 minutes!

    Karaoke Joysound is popular for its video game which has been designed to provide people a karaoke-club experience at home. The game allows people to search for their favorite songs and download them via their internet connection. They can choose their game avatars to represent them. They also have the option to manipulate the song’s echo, key, and speed.

    Regarding the Ferris wheel ride, people will be allowed to ride the Big-O for 820 yen with no extra charge for the karaoke feature. Up to four people are allowed in the capsule and children below eight years old need to be accompanied by a parent. Everyone can take turns in singing their favorite lineup of songs for 15 minutes. This is only available from 10:00am to 9:00pm. There will be English songs included, such as Let It Go and Beauty and the Beast.

    This is the first-ever Karaoke Ferris Wheel in the world so why not take your singing to new heights by visiting Tokyo Dome City’s Big-O? It can be a great stress relief as you get to sing your heart out with your friends while taking in the amazing views from afar!

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