Try These 4 Unique Japanese Cookery and Culture Courses in Osaka!

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  • Do you want to learn and understand Japanese culture in a fun and delicious way? Sakura Cook is a Japanese cooking school in Osaka where you can learn the proper way to prepare and cook your favorite Japanese dishes, whilst at the same time learning about Japanese food, culture, and history.

    Because of the special and unique way that Japanese cuisine (washoku) is prepared, UNESCO added it to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2013. Preparing Japanese dishes is not as easy as it may seem. Attaining the right tastes and flavors of certain foods requires skill, practice and a knowledge of the processing and preparation of traditional cuisine.

    Sakura Cook

    Sakura Cook offers hands-on cooking classes for Japan’s visitors through their “Learn, Cook, Enjoy and Eat” concept. Students can choose a course they want to enroll on depending on their interest.

    Sakura Cook offers four courses: Sushi Course, Tempura Course, Bento Course and Matcha Table Setting Course. One interesting aspect of these courses is that they teach students about each dish’s history and about Japanese food culture, thus giving the students an in-depth knowledge of Japanese food. Students will also wear originally designed and handmade Kimono aprons, and lunch mats and coasters will be provided.

    1. The Sushi Course

    One of the most famous Japanese cuisines is sushi. Sushi is typically made from sushi rice called shari (しゃり) and various ingredients including seafood, vegetables (cooked or uncooked) and sometimes meat. The sushi course costs 12,000 yen (before tax). This course includes making three different types of sushi including nigiri sushi (nine pieces), gunkan maki (two pieces), maki sushi (one roll).

    You will also learn how to make miso soup and the traditional Japanese stock (dashi) used to make the soup. Students on this course will also learn the proper way of making yakitori (chicken skewers), another popular Japanese dish!

    2. The Tempura Course

    Tempura is a very popular Japanese dish of Portuguese origin. The main ingredients of this dish include seafood and vegetables which are dipped or coated in batter and then deep-fried.

    This course includes making three kinds of tempura; vegetables, fish, and Kakiage (chopped vegetables and seafood). You’ll also get to learn how to make Japanese clear soup, tempura dipping sauce and Namasu (pickled veggie salad). This course also costs 12,000 yen (before tax).

    3. The Bento Course

    This course is one of the newest ones at Sakura Cook. Bento is a common lunch box meal in Japan. It consists of rice, fish or meat, and cooked or pickled veggies as a side dish. Learn to make this healthy boxed-meal in this new Sakura Cook’s Bento Course. This Bento course costs 9,720 yen (including tax).

    4. The Matcha Table Setting Course

    Do you love matcha and are you keen to learn the traditional way of preparing and serving it? Then this course is for you. This program lasts for 1 hour and includes the arrangement of Japanese paper (washi) table mats, making tea bowl mats and paper folding for the table decorations and of course matcha making. This course costs 4,200 yen (including tax).

    All of these courses begin with a history of the dish and the Japanese culture behind it, followed by a step by step lesson on the preparation and cooking of the ingredients and how to serve them in the Japanese style. If you are interested in this cooking class, you can make reservations through Sakura Cook’s website. It is recommended that you make a reservation at least a day in advance.

    Learning about another country’s culture is not only gained through reading books but also through varied experiences. Although traveling can help you know more about the country you are visiting, joining in various activities such as cooking classes or participating in festivals and other cultural events can help you appreciate more about other cultures.

    Sakura Cook Website

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