3 Recommended Japanese-Language Proficiency Tests

  • Have you heard about any Japanese language tests? If you have not heard of it and you are non-Japanese, it is worth registering for one and start preparing.

    1. JLPT

    JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a standard test useful for non-natives to boost their skills. It is also good when you are attending a school or looking for a job. It looks good on your resume as well. It consists of five levels and this test is conducted twice a year ( In July and December). One best thing about JLPT is the certificates do not expire. They are valid for life. JLPT is run by Japan Foundation and JEES (Japanese Educational Exchanges and Services).


    2. Kanji Kentei

    This is also known as JKAT (Japan Kanji Aptitude Test). There are twelve levels in this test and is worth get tested even though you are a native speaker. This is to assess where you stand on your Kanji using skills.Normally, Kanji lessons are given to the Japanese students right from kindergarten till they graduate. Kanji characters are many in number and is difficult for some Japanese as well.

    Kanji Kentei

    3. BJT

    BJT means Business Japanese Proficiency Test. It is a test designed for professionals in a business environment. It is a completely different kind of test compared to the JLPT. It is conducted by the same organization that is for Kanji Kentei. It was discontinued for some years in the past and it has got relaunched in 2010. It is a multiple choice test with three sections: Listening, Reading and a combination of both. You can apply as an individual or as a group.


    So, why not give a try and all the best for your exam if you are already taking one.