6 Best Types of Fruit Picking in Japan

  • In Japan, fruit picking is a popular activity among tourists and also Japanese people. The type of fruits for this fruit picking activity varies according to the seasons. The usual procedure is that you will be given 30 minutes to 1 hour of time to eat the fruits as many as you can at a fixed price (usually 800 to 3000 yen: depends on the type of fruits) . Here, I will tell you what type of fruit picking that we can find in Japan.

    1. Ichigo gari (Strawberry picking)

    Ichigo gari or strawberry picking seasons is usually from January to May every year. Before you start picking the strawberries, the person in charge will teach you the correct way to pull the strawberries so that it will not affect the growth of the other strawberries. You will also be given two plastic containers where one of it to be filled with condensed milk and the other one is empty. The empty one is for you to fill the stems from strawberries after eating.

    2. Mikan gari (Orange picking)

    Mikan gari seasons is from October to January. Japanese mandarin orange is seedless and easy to peel off with your finger. Most orchards that offer mikan gari is located in Wakayama, Shizuoka and Ehime Prefecture.

    3. Budou gari (Grapes picking)

    green grapes

    Here in Japan, grapes are harvested around June until October. You will find many varieties of grapes here in Japan and all of them are so delicious. The major producers for grapes are Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures. In grapes orchard, you will be given a pair of scissors for you to use to pick the grapes.

    4. Momo gari (Peach picking)

    Momo or peach seasons is usually from August to September. The entrance fee for the peach orchard is quite high compared to other orchards because peach is delicate and needs special care. Most peach orchards are located in Yamanashi and Nagano prefecture.

    5. Nashi gari (Pear picking)

    The season for pears is from September to October. Japanese pears are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan and
    the USA. Pear orchards are usually found in Ibaraki, Tottori and Chiba Prefecture.

    6. Ringo gari (Apple picking)

    The apple seasons in Japan is from September to January. Here in Japan, red apples are most preferred. The famous apple producer for apple is Iwate, Aomori and Nagano Prefecture.

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