3 Most Famous Melon-Flavored Foods That Have No Melon in Them!

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  • Melon is a popular flavor in Japan, but you might be surprised to find that some of the most famous and well-loved melon-flavored products here actually don’t have a trace of real melon in them at all! Here are some examples.

    1. Melon Soda

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    When you are in Japan, this is a must try. it is not actually made of melons and it looks weird because of its thick green color. Despite all of this, it tastes really good. And it goes really well with your dinner.

    You can find it in almost every restaurant as the Japanese love the flavor of Melon. If you want to make it at home, you’ll need the melon syrup which you can get it in any convenient store. You can make your own cocktails with vodka or other liquor as well, if you like the flavor.

    But if you want a real melon drink, it gets a bit expensive when compared to other drinks. As you might have already found out by now, fruits in Japan are not that cheap. Especially melons, that are carefully cultured and some of them sell for more than 10000 yen each. So, I suggest to stick with just this melon flavored drink.

    Melon Pan

    There are other Melon dishes such as Melon Pan which is a type of bread. It does not have any filling inside but it tastes sweet. It looks like a cookie and is made of bread dough, sugar, eggs, and milk. They are called Melon Pan due to their outer rocky crust and inner tenderness similar to a melon.

    Goya Chanpuru

    This is a typical Okinawan dish with Goya (Bitter Melon) and Chanpuru ( mixture of Tofu, vegetables and fish). It is popular in other parts of Japan as well. The Okinawans take a great pride in their Chanpuru as it is their original dish which has spread widely across different parts of the world. It is also popular in South East Asia including Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and others. Albeit Goya is called “Bitter Melon”, it actually belongs to the cucumber family and most popularly known as “Bitter Guard”. You can add Soyabean sauce or some Katsuobushi flakes for a strong flavor. Katsuobushi is actually thinly-sliced and showered dry tuna.

    Have a nice “melon” day!