4 Best Budget Souvenirs from Japan

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  • Yes. They say touring Japan is expensive compared to many countries. The food can be pricey, the transportation is far from being cheap but people do love to visit the country even on a backpacking experience. If you are worried that you will not be able to take a part of Japan with you upon your return home, these budget souvenir ideas will help you.

    1. Yukata

    Since summer is getting closer, it is expected that matsuris will enliven the entire Japan during this season. You will be surprised with the expensive Yukatas displayed on the stalls during these festivals, yet you will long for a set to take home with you. Do not fret, you can purchase Yukatas from the department stores at reasonable price.They are not just cheaper but they have better quality than most of those sold in matsuri shops.

    2. 100 Yen Shop Items

    Shops such as Daiso, Lemon, Orange, Can Do, Watts and Seria are just some of the 100 yen shops you ought to visit in case you are looking for souvenirs. You can purchase Japanese figurines, kites and even authentic Japanese pica food. I suggest you purchase cute Japanese DIY craft essentials, sushi and baking essentials or chopsticks.

    3. Recycle Shop Items

    Looking for a Japanese antiquity to display when you get back home from Japan? The best place to find vases, tea sets and samurai paraphernalia is from recycle shops. There are Authentic Japanese Kitchen knives, Japanese dolls, expensive kimonos, and Sensu fans but at a lower price. These are not like those salvation camps since the items were not acquired from donations but from owners who want to sell their stuff for others to enjoy it.

    4. Candies and Snacks

    You really ought to buy some Japanese chocolates and snacks. They are not just affordable but they are uniquely flavored. Japanese sweets range from the usual chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor to eccentricities such as Soy sauce, ginger and green tea. Take for example the Kit Kat collection, its wide selection of flavor suits every individual’s gastronomic pleasure.

    Taking a part of Japan with you back to your country is definitely a must, yet it can be done so for a friendly price. Take, for example, the above ideas on budget-friendly Japan souvenirs for a more enjoyable and pocket-friendly Japanese vacation!