Take a Break From Shopping and Head to These 2 Charming Lunch Spots in Omotesando

  • Omotesando is a fashionable avenue in Tokyo which targets fashion-conscious urbanites. It is known for its cutting-edge architecture, high-end shops featuring international fashion brands, and relaxing cafes and restaurants. If you ever find yourself spending a lot of time in the area, it would be best to know which places offer the best-tasting lunch and are highly recommended. Here are two of the relaxing and charming lunch spots in Omotesando where you can take a break and sit back before continuing your exploration!


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    MERCER CAFE TERRACE HOUSE is a hip Italian restaurant with a spacious dining area. As it is located on the top floor of a designer’s building, the restaurant is popular for having a beautiful view of Omotesando from its terrace. The place looks like a New York penthouse with minimal decoration.

    MERCER CAFE TERRACE HOUSE provides an excellent customer service and their dishes are made from luxurious food ingredients. Dishes are particularly centered on vegetables and fish, while drinks on wines and cocktails. Lunch time is best spent at its relaxing open-air terrace with one side completely made of glass, allowing natural light to come in. The place has 100 seats available and it can also be rented for private occasions such as parties.

    Lunch time starts at 11:30 AM and the place is open until 11:30 PM. It is important to make a reservation if you’d like to have dinner here. For reservations, you can contact them at 03-5467-2551. However, take note that lunch reservations are not accepted and the place has a limited number of terrace seats. Selection of seats will depend on availability. Unfortunately, children below six years old are not allowed to enter.



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    CITYSHOP NOODLE provides healthy noodles in gourmet style. They serve modern-style noodles in platters of your choice. You can combine noodles with deli salads and toppings. The price depends on the ingredients you choose – the meatier, the more expensive the cost is. Usually, the price is 1,600 yen if your noodle comes with three deli items. A custom noodle plus two deli plates is worth 1,400 yen. You can add whatever sauce or garnish you want, too.

    The place has a comfortable communal table which is ideal for people who’d like to dine with friends and coworkers, or who’d like to meet new acquaintances.

    What’s great about coming here during lunch is the free hot/cold coffee or tea that they serve. In the evening, they also give discounts on drinks up to 200 yen off.

    If you don’t feel like eating at the shop, you can have your order to-go. The place is open daily from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM.


    Omotesando is not only a place for shopping but also where you can try different gourmet meals. There are many one-off galleries, boutiques, and cafes to visit in the area, but don’t forget to head to these two charming lunch spots if you have the chance!

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