Sendai, the green city of hope

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  • The city of trees

    Have a chance to travel to Japan? Confused which cities to visit? Please don’t be. Sendai could be one of your favorite destinations. It takes only 1 hour 40 minutes from Tokyo to Sendai by JR Shinkansen Tohoku Line.

    Located in Tohoku region, Miyagi prefecture, it is well known as “The City of Trees”, due to the many Zelkova trees beautifying Sendai main street of Aoba and Jozenji Street. Sendai will change your perception about Japan as the building oriented country, green color of trees dominates Sendai city scenery.

    Sendai is Miyagi Prefecture’s capital city and the biggest city in Tohoku region, as a central of Tohoku region’s economy Sendai is one of the best-known cities that has harmonious balance between business, technology and nature. Hirosegawa River runs through Sendai downtown with its clear water and living organisms. The Ayu or Sweetfish, that is well known as the queen of freshwater streams that only lives in the cleanest water, can be found in Sendai Hirosegawa River.

    Sendai city is also famous as an academic city due to its many universities. One of them is Tohoku University, considered as one of the most prestigious universities in Japan and the third oldest imperial university of Japan.
    Tanabata festival

    Its interesting culture has also become one of Sendai’s attractions. Tanabata festival that is held every summer attracts many domestic and international tourists. Tanabata festival gathers two million tourists every year who come to see the beautiful city decorated with Sasatake made of bamboo and Japanese paper. These Sasatake decorations are put up in every corner of the city’s centre, close to Sendai station.

    The City of Hope

    In 2011, the coastal area of this beautiful city was damaged by magnitude 9.0 earthquake that triggered a tsunami. Many lives were lost, however the city did not suffer the prolonged sadness. It faced the tragedy with hope and worked hard to recover. The spirit of Sendai can be seen on March 2015 when The World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) was held in Sendai. Thousands of people came to this city to make a better change and to build resilience of nations to disasters. Keep your spirit Sendai!!!!

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