Try Out These 3 Popular and Affordable Facial Sheet Masks in Japan!

  • Japanese people love taking good care of their skin. They follow special beauty routines and regimens in order to maintain their youthful look. One indispensable item they use is the facial sheet mask which can be used on a weekly or daily basis. There is a huge market for these in the country, and every convenience store and drug store sells it. To know which of these sheet masks are of the highest quality, I will suggest three of the most highly recommended facial sheet masks which can be used on a daily basis.

    1. Saborino Mezama Sheet

    Saborino Mezama sheet is a popular skin care product that most Japanese women use for their daily skin care routine. It was even ranked number two in the Best Facial Mask Award in Japan in 2016. It was first released in 2015 by BCL Beauty Creative Lab., a Japanese cosmetic company. Most facial masks are used after work and at night time, but the Saborino Mezama sheet is meant to be used in the morning. This is why many women use it, as they get to take good care of their skin before heading to work.

    What makes this product unique is that it’s an all-in-one product, which means there is no need to wash your face before putting it on. You can put it on the moment you get out of bed. The facial mask is applied to the face for 60 seconds, and then you’re all set to put on your makeup. It saves a great deal of time and is ideal for working people who need to rush to the office!

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    2. LuLuLun Facial Sheet Mask

    The LuLuLun Facial Sheet Mask is another popular item in Japan. It is commonly regarded as the number one moisturizing facial mask in the country. It is reasonably priced and provides high-quality beauty care, a concept which the company has portrayed for a long time. These facial sheet marks are not only popular among local Japanese people but also with foreigners.

    The sheet mask comes in three different types; blue color for high moisture, pink color for balance moisture, and white color for whitening. They are all made with different ingredients and are made with thin material which is comfortable to wear. You can choose either a 32-sheet or a 42-sheet set. If you’d like to use the facial sheet masks for a short period of time, you can also opt for the seven-sheet set for 300 yen.

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    3. Kose Clear Turn White Vitamin C Facial Mask Sheets

    Another popular facial sheet mask is Kose Clear Turn White Vitamin C Facial Mask. This is a non-irritating product which contains Vitamin C. It promises to help brighten your skin tone by blocking the formation of melanin and preventing black spots.

    The facial mask can be applied to cleansed skin for 10 to 15 minutes. It also whitens the whole face including the eyes. After using the product, you should massage your face in order to encourage the absorption of the product. This item is suitable for those with normal skin and is recommended for use once or twice a week.


    Using facial sheet masks can be time-consuming, but they can have a great effect on the smoothness of the skin. Using them quite often can allow you to see visible improvements to your skin condition. If you have never tried using one before then I can highly recommend any of the facial sheet masks I have mentioned above. Just like Japanese people, you’ll surely make it an essential part of your daily routine!

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