Check Out These Cute New Nail Care Accessories by a Japanese Company!

  • Do you or does someone you know love fashion accessories, nail art, and nail care? Would you like something fashionable and unique to take home as a gift or for yourself? Check out these brand new cute nail files by Annex Japan, the creators of RIPI fake eyelashes. Nail care deserves a splash of class and these summer-themed nail files suitable for all seasons can be a lovely addition to your or your loved ones’ makeup collection.

    Beauty Products in Japan

    Beauty products are incredibly popular in Japan, whether they are hair care products, makeup, or unusual fashion accessories. Japan is no stranger to fashion-related items that are unheard of in other countries, such as a UV-ray blocking mask, skin whitening products, and strange-looking items that exercise the muscles in your face. Japan is a very fashion-conscious country and the clothes, makeup and hair industries continue to boom year by year.

    Harajuku in Tokyo is a world-famous hotspot for crazy fashions and new styles are constantly becoming popular and recognized around the world. Entire shops are dedicated to hair or makeup accessories alone. A Japanese company called Annex Japan, mostly known for their RIPI fake eyelashes items, are releasing a cute new nail file set in the theme of summer flowers that is a perfect gift for those who enjoy decorating and caring for their nails.

    Annex Japan

    Annex Japan has been around for several years and is based in Gunma with another office in Shibuya, Tokyo. Their RIPI eyelashes can be found in many accessory shops and clothes shops all over Japan, including Harajuku’s fashionable Takeshita-Dori Street, most pharmacies, and makeup shops.

    Their fake eyelashes are very popular and come in a variety of styles including Brown Lashes and Naturelle, varying in thickness and length. They also sell mascara and extension glue to aid you with putting on the lashes. There are sets that come with glue and lashes so you can use them right away.

    Annex Japan’s main focus used to be nail art including fake nails, nail glitter, and nail stickers before they started to focus on fake lashes and lashes accessories. This year, however, it seems that they are going to start selling brand new nail art related products again, hopefully the first of many.

    RIPI_Nail Files

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    “Take summer with you wherever you go with our pretty floral nail files” is the slogan for these brand new products. Flowers and summer are cute, feminine themes that add pretty charm to Annex’s new nail files, named RIPI like their fake eyelashes and accessories. There are six different patterns in total; these are Rose, Cherry Blossoms, Peony, Kerria, Azalea, and Camellia. All of the nail files are 400 yen each and are also available in sets. These files are double sided with one side rougher for general clean-up of your nails and the other side smooth to make your nails shine. They’re a great accessory to use just before painting or decorating your nails and can help maintain nail strength and shine.

    Why not add a summer-themed charm to your make up box by adding one of Annex Japan’s RIPI_Nail files? These cute accessories are not only fashionable but higher quality than many cheaper files, promising to last longer and give you better care. Which design is your favorite?

    Annex Japan website *Japanese Only

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