10 Reasons Why Japan is the Best Place for Solo Travelers!

  • Traveling alone is always a unique experience, but it has its ups and downs. When you are traveling alone, it is best to research your destination and decide whether it is safe and fun to travel there solo. Some countries will be more suitable for solo travelers than others, and luckily for you, Japan is one of the best places for it! Here are ten reasons why Japan is a fantastic choice for people wishing to travel solo!

    1. Japan is One of the Safest Countries in the World

    Safety is a top concern of all solo travelers and they are in luck with Japan, because the crime rate is pretty low and you can sense the overall safety of the place. Even if you lose something, it is very likely that you will be able to get it back.

    2. Japanese Hospitality is Beyond Belief

    When you’re traveling in Japan you will always feel welcome, and if you’re staying in small ryokans it’s easy to feel like a family member after a few days. The hosts will go out of their way to make you feel at home!

    3. Being Alone is Okay

    In some countries, you may feel out of place if you go out to eat or drink alone, but definitely not in Japan. Japanese society is fairly individual. In fact, the Japanese are struggling with solitude so being alone is absolutely normal here.

    4. Making Friends is so Easy!

    But why be alone, when it’s so easy to make friends! Locals who speak English will be happy to chat with you, and if you speak Japanese people will open up even more. Also, in areas with many tourists, it’s very easy to mingle and share your experiences.

    5. Life is Very Convenient in Japan

    In Japan, most things are made to be as convenient and easy for people as possible. This benefits tourists too, as there are always signs that explain what you are supposed to do or not do.

    6. Food Options for Every Budget

    Not only is eating alone very normal in Japan, but there is also an abundance of food options to suit every wallet! Japanese cuisine is world famous and you can try all types of food in individual portions, which is very convenient when you are alone.

    7. There is Always Something to Do

    Well, this is true if you are with company too, but it is impossible to be bored in Japan. Culture, sightseeing, museums, nature, you name it! With the wonderful selection of things to do, you can create an amazing agenda for any day even when you’re alone.

    8. Learn about the Rich Culture

    When one is traveling alone, it is likely they will really get the chance to understand the cultural heritage of the places they visit. In Japan, the local spirit is unique and strong and it’s particularly special to take it all in yourself.

    9. No Unpleasant Surprises

    In Japan, people tend to follow the rules of their own society very well. You will always know what to expect and you will know what is likely to happen in almost every situation!

    10. Healing for the Soul

    In general, wherever you go in Japan you will find that you can always find places to relax, clear your mind and experience tranquility.

    These are all reasons why traveling solo in Japan is a great thing to do and can become a special and unique experience. Japan was my first destination to go solo and I don’t think I will ever find a better destination!

    Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/