Have Fun and Enjoy Learning Japanese in These 2 Japanese Language Schools In Tokyo

  • For many years, the number of Japanese people who are learning English in Japan has continued to increase. Although it can be a challenge for them to master the language, new and innovative ways to improve learning are always being developed. The same can be said for the increasing number of foreign people who are learning Japanese in the country.

    If you are interested in learning the Japanese language or mastering Japanese conversation skills, here are two highly respected Japanese language schools in the country that you can consider.

    1. Coto Language Academy

    This is a Japanese language school in the heart of Tokyo which benefits from small class numbers and flexible schedules. It offers enjoyable Japanese conversation lessons which are suitable for all levels including beginners. It also provides a fun environment for learners who are interested in enhancing their Japanese conversation skills. The academy offers various types of courses including an Intensive Course, Part-time Course, and Private Course.

    The Intensive Course focuses on conversation practice in a friendly environment. It is the best course to choose if you’d like to see results in a short period of time. It costs 30,000 yen per week.

    Other courses include Nihongo Plus and Business Japanese. Nihongo Plus allows learners to pick and choose the classes and subjects they want. Lesson fees start at 1,775 yen per class. Business Japanese is a two-month course which teaches Business Japanese fluency. This is ideal for career coaching and for those who have a job interview coming up.

    This academy also provides a dispatch lesson service where you can have a one-on-one lesson either at home or in the office.

    Coto Language Academy Website

    2. Kai Japanese Language School

    This is a conveniently located Japanese language school in Tokyo. It was founded in 1987 and provides learners with a positive environment in which to learn the Japanese language. The school tries its best to help foreigners stay highly motivated and acquire good communication skills.

    This school welcomes all students from absolute beginners to advanced learners and provides four stages in its curriculum to meet the varying abilities and needs of students. These are; General Japanese Language Course, Practical Conversation Course, Business Japanese, and Summer Courses.

    The General Japanese Language Course is a flexible curriculum that adapts to every student’s needs and objectives. The Practical Conversation Course is suitable for those who’d like to focus on acquiring and practicing conversation skills.

    The Business Japanese Course is ideal for those who’d like to get a job, and the Summer Course is a short program that is held the during the summer season. This course is really enjoyable if you’d like to enjoy the summer in Tokyo!

    The Summer Course allows learners to improve their conversation skills in an enjoyable environment. It includes a range of fun and engaging activities where you can see, eat, play and enjoy in the capital city. On this course, you will be guaranteed to visit more than 20 kinds of activities!

    Kai Japanese Language School Website

    If you are interested in learning the Japanese language, whatever your language goal is, these two schools will ensure that you can learn the language in a fun way. Whichever course you’re taking you’ll never get bored, with so many activities and options tailored to your needs. Both of these schools offer a multitude of programs to help you meet your goals in a short period of time!

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