Visit the Guinness World Record-Holding Kamo Aquarium in Yamagata!

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  • Kamo Aquarium is one of the best places you can visit as a family. This unique aquarium is a giant learning center that explains the beauty of underwater life to both kids and adults!



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    Yamagata, one of Tohoku region which is famous with its Nature beauty and one of main fruit producing region in Japan. Not just famous with fruits, Yamagata is also famous for its Aquarium in Tsuruoka city called Kamo Aquarium. Kamo Aquarium is a unique aquarium with its unique creatures, facing Japan sea in the small town and well known as the biggest Jellyfish aquarium with displays, it is one of the aquariums to receive recognition internationally from Guinness in 2012 for having most jellyfish species on display. If you are jellyfish lover, you should definitely visit this place.

    Jellyfish aquarium

    Jellyfish is a unique creature that mostly has a very short lifespan, and, fortunately, Kamo Aquarium has the technique to breed jellyfish, not so surprising, this place also attracts jellyfish researchers from around the world. When you visit this place you will not be bored at all. Beautifully colored Jellyfish will swim right in front of your eyes. You will see their moves and somehow they are very relaxing and full of harmony.

    Many Jellyfish species on display are considered to be number 1 in the world,

    Souvenir Shop and Restaurant


    The aquarium also has its own souvenir shop which is very convenient. Many kinds of souvenirs are ready to buy. From cookies, key chains, postcards, notebooks with its unique jellyfish pictures.

    And one thing you definitely should try from this place is Jellyfish ice cream. Japan is a country that famous for its strange ice cream tastes and you can try one of them in this very place. Not just jellyfish ice cream, you can also try their signature dish Jellyfish Ramen and Jellyfish Sashimi from aquarium’s restaurant.

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