Bathe in These 14 Japanese Onsen Baths From Around the World at SpaWorld in Osaka

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  • Japan is undeniably famous for its hot spring baths, or more commonly known as “onsen.” Did you know that in Osaka, there is a famous place that offers various onsen inspired by different countries from all around the world? This tourist attraction, known as SpaWorld, not only offers onsen; they also offer other facilities like saunas, a hotel, a swimming area (newly renewed in April 2017) and even a food zone. Divided into a European Zone and an Asian Zone, let’s have a look at the 14 baths of the most talked about onsen facility in Osaka!

    European Zone

    1. Ancient Rome

    This is a luxurious Jacuzzi-style bath with Corinthian order columns. Adorned with a replica of the Trevi Fountain sculpture and spotlights, it makes you feel like you are bathing in the real fountain in Rome, Italy!

    2. Greece (Medicinal Bath)

    The walls in this bath are decorated with ancient Greek-style bricks, as well as Ionic order pillars. Overlooked by statues of the goddess Erechtheion, this Greek-style room has medicinal bath pools with pouches of herbs in it since the ancient Greeks were great believers in the therapeutic powers of bathing.

    3. Atlantis

    Themed after the mystical lost island, the interior of this bath is adorned with ancient Greek designs. With its crooked and ruined Doric order pillars and walls, it gives out a vibe of a ruined kingdom. The design of this room is further enhanced by blue lightings and a fish aquarium!

    4. Blue Grotta

    Another place with calming blue for your eyes to feast on, this bath is modeled after the Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy, also known as “Grotta Azzurra” in Italian. Like the original Blue Grotto, the rocks and cave wall are nicely replicated together with the bluish hue.

    5. Spain

    Experience an open-air bath and foot bath like in Spain! This bath has a modern pool and ancient Spain design for the walls. With trees over your head and some sunlight peeking in, you would definitely want to spend more time here.

    6. Mediterranean Sea

    Enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea in this bath. This is another open bath with a canopy to shade you from the sun. Built with a modern touch, the pool is pretty large with neutral-colored walls and pillars.

    7. Finland

    Experience how it feels like to take your bath outside your cabin in Finland with this bath! Decorated like the Finland-style sauna, this is a warm bath. The ceiling is nicely illuminated with an image of the Finland sky and the Northern Lights.

    Asian Zone

    1. Japanese Outdoor Bath (Keiryu no Yu)

    A completely outdoor Japanese-style onsen, the floor of the bath and its surroundings are decorated with river pebbles. While soaking, you can hear the pleasant sounds of a Japanese mountain stream.

    2. Japanese Outdoor Bath (Yamazato no Yu)

    Situated right in front of the Keiryu no Yu, this bath which is made of wood is located under a shady roof.

    3. Islam (Stone Bath)

    Enjoy bathing in a traditional hammam bath which is found in Middle Eastern countries. Its decor was modeled after the inner courtyard of a mosque.

    4. Persia

    Teleport to Persia by visiting this bath. It was designed with Persian motifs from the palace in Persepolis.

    5. Bali

    Relax in this Bali bath surrounded by tropical plants and decor. The bath, which was designed in a resort style, will make you feel pampered.

    6. Dr. SPA

    A modern and futuristic bath. There are three baths available here: an oxygen bath, a hydrogen bath, and a carbonated bath – all to keep your skin clean and beautiful.

    7. Japanese Hinoki Bath (Cypress Bath)

    This bath is entirely made of high-quality Hinoki cypress wood. In Japan, a cypress bath is a symbol of elegance.

    The Asian Zone and European Zone are on different floors. Both zones can only be accessed by a single gender depending on the month, therefore, do check the schedule before visiting. Visitors can refer to SpaWorld’s official website linked below for more information on fees, how to get there, other facilities, etc.

    So, if you are like Shizuka Minamoto, a character from Doraemon who is known for her love for bath, do not miss out on the chance to visit SpaWorld and experience its onsen from around the world!

    SpaWorld Website

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