Witness a Spectacular Diversity of Arts in This Upcoming Festival in Tokyo 2017

  • Festival/Tokyo (F/T) is considered one of the largest international performing arts event in Japan. It was launched in 2009 and is believed to have developed from another festival that went by various names. The event is based in Ikebukuro, one of Tokyo’s multiple city centers and is funded by the Toshima Ward and the Tokyo government. It is held every autumn season for around a one-month duration. This year, it will be held from September 30th 2017 to November 12th, 2017. So what can you expect from this huge festival?

    About Festival Tokyo (F/T)

    Festival/Tokyo (F/T) is a popular event that is highly anticipated by people in Japan. It presents several programs which allow visitors to have stimulating experiences from the large variety of available shows. Performances vary with plays, dances, concerts, games, symposiums, workshops, films, and more. Both local and foreign artists are featured in the event.

    This gives everyone a chance to interact with people in reference to diverse nationalities and values. Several artists collaborate in order the make the event a memorable one. F/T 2017 is going to be the 10th festival that has been held since its inception. It will follow the theme “Newcomers Towards a Big Place.”

    About Festival/Tokyo’s Programs

    F/T 2017 will be held at different venues depending on the date. Some of these venues include Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Owlspot Theater, Minami Ikebukuro Park, PARADISE AIR, BUoY Arts Center Tokyo, SuperDeluxe, and more.

    Some of the programs will include:

    • Toky Toki Saru, a traditional mask performance in contemporary dance conceived and directed by Pichet Klunchun
    • Palestine, Year Zero, a play that excavates the reality of Palestine today written and directed by Einat Weizman
    • Autumn Sounds Night, an event that brings together leading musicians from China
    • Cabaret Crusades, a puppet performance re-enacting the epic and bloody history of Crusades directed by Wael Shawky
    • NONTOKOYO, a project that aims to let society break free from the world today
    • F/T Talks, a series of discussions about the state of festivals abroad

    There are several types of tickets different slightly in price. These include:

    • Early Bird Discount
    • General Ticket
    • Pair Tickets
    • Festival Passes
    • Student Tickets

    General tickets are sold in advance before the performances begin. Pair tickets are discounts given when purchasing two tickets for the same type of performance. You can purchase festival passes if you’d like to see three or more performances. Buying this kind of pass will give you 10%-15% discount per single ticket. Remember that these passes are valid only for the purchaser and cannot be used to purchase tickets at the door. Discounts are available for students if they show a valid I.D. when collecting their tickets.

    If you purchase tickets with reserved seating, make sure to arrive before the performance starts. For unreserved seating, you have to wait until after the door opens to find a seat. If you’d like to purchase tickets at the door, they are sold 60 minutes before the performance starts.

    F/T 2017 promises to feature a more ambitious and brighter scope than in previous years. There will be more artists and performances as of 2017. China’s subculture and fashion will also be featured in some programs as the nation continues to become the largest in the area. Why not join one of the programs in this upcoming event?

    Festival/Tokyo 2017 website

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