2 legal ways to gamble in Japan

  • HOW TO
  • Gambling in Japan is illegal according to the law. But there are two ways to gamble without any hassle in Japan. No, I am not talking about lotteries.


    As some of you may have already noticed these glittery parlors across the streets, Pachinko is somehow considered legal in Japan. It is a mechanical game with slot machines designed to give you a feeling of an actual casino. It is like pinball and the objective of the game is to capture as many balls as possible. They can later be exchanged for prizes.

    The catch here is they do not give away money directly even though you have won. You are given tokens and you should go to some other place to exchange them for cash. Although Pachinko is seen as a recreational activity, some of the parlors have run into controversies and public concerns are being raised on growing addiction and counterfeiting. Nevertheless, as long as they are allowed to operate, anyone who is interested could try their luck. It is seen as an extremely normal activity and no one would try to cheat you or anything like that. So, why not have a look at least. By the way, Smoking is common in these parlors for your further information. There are many other games similar to Pachinko, like Plinko and others, but they have not got any popularity in Japan.

    Koei kyogi

    Koei Kyogi is nothing but a public sport and they include horse racing, cycle racing and boat racing. Only, betting is allowed in these public sports in Japan. There are many circuits in Japan where you can see and try your luck if you want to. The courts are well designed and attract hundreds of foreigners from all around the world.