Catch the Live-Action Adaptation of a Popular Anime in Cinemas this November 2017

  • “Watashi, ki ni narimasu!” Are you familiar with this catchphrase? Hyouka fans will not want to miss the live-action film adaptation coming to Japanese cinemas in November 2017!


    Hyouka, published in 2001, is the first of a mystery novel series penned by Honobu Yonezawa. It was adapted as a 22-episode animated series by Kyoto Animation which aired in Japan from April to September 2012. The series was well-received and its blu-ray discs and DVDs were in the top ten of the Oricon charts during their release. Early in 2017, Funimation Entertainment licensed the anime for release in North America. This release has an English dub as well as Japanese audio with English subtitles.

    Since March 2012, a manga adaptation has been published in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shounen Ace. The live-action film adaptation was announced in 2016 and will screen in Japanese theaters from November 3rd, 2017.


    Hyouka’s story begins when the laid-back Oreki Houtarou joins the Classic Literature Club following the request of his older sister to keep the club alive. His “energy-saving” lifestyle is shattered when he meets the inquisitive and bright Chitanda Eru. Two more of Houtarou’s childhood friends, Fukube Satoshi and Ibara Mayaka, also sign up for the club. Together, the Classic Literature Club unravels Kamiyama High School’s mysteries, including that of its traditional school festival and the very history of the club itself.


    Protagonist Houtarou Oreki is played by Kento Yamazaki, who also starred in recent films such as Your Lie in April, Orange, and One Week Friends. Model and actress Alice Hirose plays Chitanda Eru, who also appeared in the film adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa’s Silver Spoon. Joining the two are Fujiko Kojima as Miyaka Ibara and Amane Okayama as Satoshi Fukube.

    The latest cast announcement includes actor and model Kanata Hongo who plays Sekitani Jun. The film is directed by Mari Asato, who previously worked on horror films Gekijoban Zero, Bilocation, and Gomennasai.

    The film’s theme song, Iolite, is performed by Itowokashi, a two-man music unit with Itou Kashitarou on the vocals and LeftyMonsterP (Miyada Ryou) as the band’s bassist, guitarist, and keyboardist. Itowokashi also performed the ending theme song Yadori-boshi of animated series Sousei no Onmyouji, or Twin Star Exorcists.

    Tickets and Merchandise

    Cinema tickets are already available online at 1,400 yen from the MVTK website (Japanese only). Advance sales tickets also come with a special clear file featuring the main cast.

    You can also take home cute plush doll mascots wearing the Kamiyama High School uniform to commemorate watching Hyouka’s film adaptation! You can even get them as a set with your movie ticket sold at 3,010 yen. The doll is also sold separately at 1,713 yen. You can get them in advance from this website (Japanese only).

    What mysteries will the Classic Literature Club solve? Will they discover what happened to Chitanda Eru’s uncle? How do the school festival and the club anthology fit into all these mysteries? Find out in Hyouka showing in cinemas this November 2017!

    Hyouka movie website *Japanese only

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