2 reasons you should know about J-Rock girls bands

  • Rock culture is still seen in Japan and when it comes to female Rock ‘n’ Roll, Japan is the place which needs to be put on the map right now. With growing popularity for J-Pop, J-Rock and other musical genres, Japanese musical culture is thriving successfully better than in most of the countries. Here are the two female bands you should at least know when you are in Japan.

    1. Baby Metal

    Baby Metal on the Stage in Lady Gaga Tour

    Have you heard Baby metal? This heavy metal girl band of three musicin has taken out the world as a storm with their talent and successful theme-based concerts. You should look out for their concert tickets right now or else you wouldn’t be disappointed to get one any further. They have performed all over the world and they are in the opening act of Lady gaga`s concerts as well. They have a fusion of Kawaii, J-pop and heavy metal which you would not find in any other band. They have released a few songs in genres like Death Metal and Speed Metal too. This band was also nominated for MTV Europe Music Awards, 2014.

    2. Shonen Knife (少年ナイフ)

    Album Cover

    Shonen Knife With Nirvana in 1992

    Shonen Knife on The Stage

    They are one of the oldest female rock bands hailing from Osaka. They performed with legends like Nirvana and also appeared on multiple TV talk shows in the US. The members of the group have changed in the last decade and they have slowly moved into bass genre from a punk rock and roll band. You should at least hear to one of their hit songs. Do not worry about the language as they have sung many songs in both Japanese and English.

    This is not all what you need to know about J-Rock Girls Bands in Japan! There are hundreds of other girls bands hailing from Japan’s undercurrent music industry and such scene may not be find in any other place.

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