Check Out These 3 Places in Hokkaido To Meet Some Fantastic Animals!

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  • Hokkaido is all about volcanoes, hot springs, and mountains. It is rich in natural parks and places where animals trot along. It is distinguishable from all the other places in Japan due to its undisturbed forests.

    Summer in Hokkaido is popular because it’s usually cooler than the rest of the country, and it is also a fantastic habitat for animals such as foxes, sheep, horses and more. If you happen to be an animal lover and are interested in watching animals roaming around in Hokkaido’s natural habitat, then here are three places for you to visit!

    1. Sightseeing Covered Wagon Tour, Sapporo

    This is a popular covered wagon service in Sapporo. It started in 1978 and has been used for many years to give people tours. It consists of a two-story covered wagon which is drawn by a horse from Hokkaido. The tour begins at Odori Park, a park located in the heart of Sapporo, and heads to the center of Sapporo.

    The horse-drawn wagon goes right into the middle of the city, and many tourists can’t resist taking pictures of it! This tour takes around 50 minutes. The tour visits many landmarks, including the Sapporo Clock Tower which serves as the symbol of Sapporo. The horse pulling the wagon is known as “Ginta-kun.” He’s an easy-going horse with dozens of fans. Every kid in town looks forward to meeting him!


    2. Momo Cafe, Atsuma

    The Momo Cafe is a perfect place to find a fusion of delicious cakes in Hokkaido. Besides having a delicious menu and a very friendly service, it is also known as a place to find adorable animals like foxes, squirrels, and raccoons. Sometimes these lovely creatures are peeking into the cafe’s windows. You can take some great pictures of them!

    The cafe has a stylish space with 10 seats. It is also a non-smoking establishment, and the building resembles a cute, secluded house. Credit cards are not accepted here so you should be sure to bring some cash along. You can bring along your friends and coworkers if you’d like, and enjoy feasting on the selection of cakes and cookies.


    3. North Fox Land, Kitami

    The red fox can be found in the northern area of Japan. For this reason, it is also known as the “North Fox.” These creatures can be found in Japanese mythology, which is evident in the adorning charms and statues you can find throughout the country.

    You can see North Foxes up-close if you head to North Fox Land (Kitakitsune Farm) in Kitami, Hokkaido. The foxes are accustomed to humans so it’s quite easy to watch them from a short distance. However, take note that you are not allowed to pet or feed them.

    In Japan, they are considered mesmerizing yet deceptive creatures who don’t reveal their true selves. Going to North Fox Land will allow you to watch these beautiful animals in their extraordinary forms.

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    These are just three of the many places you can go to meet some wonderful animals in Hokkaido. Visiting these places will give you a totally unique experience, and a chance to encounter the many animals in the region whilst also hanging out with them! It’s also a natural and enjoyable way of basking in the beautiful scenery of the northernmost part of Japan and catching a glimpse of its fascinating wildlife.