Enjoy Vegan Delights in Pan Flote Restaurant in Japan

  • Be nice to your body and eat healthy and organic foods! If you visit Sendai city, give your body enjoyment with a Vegetable Dining Restaurant: Pan Flote restaurant. This restaurant is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Sendai. Using the best sources available, organic vegetables without using any pesticide. Pan Flote serve food that your body really crave for. Run by a knowledgeable chef of vegetarian dietary restriction, the restaurant is loved by many vegetarians that have visited Sendai city before.

    Pan Flote Restaurant

    Pan Flote restaurant served many kinds of delicious vegetables dishes. They serve vegetarian pizza which is very delicious and tasty you will not notice the difference with real meat pizza. Besides vegetarian pizza, the restaurant serves vegetarian sushi as well. Usual Japanese sushi are made with rice and fish topping, however in this restaurant you could try the vegetables sushi that the food presentation exactly looks like the real Sushi using vegetables with many colors instead of fish. Very healthy and tasty food that will not ruin your diet plan.

    Pan Flote Menu

    You may want to try their various selection of smoothie that is made with real soy milk. Fruits soy milk smoothies are very refreshing from acai to strawberries. Close your meal of the day with various kind of dessert they serve, made with only fresh local ingredients. From chocolate cakes to fresh-made ice cream, vegetable ice cream from Pan Flote is highly recommended to try.

    Nice and calm environment with high-quality ingredients, you will be surprised about the price that you have to pay. It’s not pricey at all, the price is near to the average of the Japanese restaurant. You don’t have to worry about losing your budget just to eat. The value of the price and the food sources are something that is famous about this restaurant. You will not regret at all when you come to this restaurant. Enjoy!