The Famous Gundam Statue in Tokyo is Having a Makeover in Fall 2017, Check it Out!

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  • Gundam fans rejoice! Ever since the guardian of Tokyo, the famous Odaiba Gundam Statue was taken down on March 5, 2017, many fans have been in a state of denial. The 18 meter Gundam Statue, located in front of the Tokyo Diver City Plaza in Odaiba has been an irreplaceable landmark in the eyes of Tokyoites and foreigners alike.

    Since being taken down, there have been rumors that it would be reinstalled in a different location. Instead, it is actually being replaced by a much better one which is taller and just as awesome! You should definitely check it out!

    The Farewell

    It was announced at the end of 2016 by Bandai Namco Holdings (the creator of the Gundam statue) that the statue would no longer be seen as of March 5, 2017. The entire gallery of the Gundam has also been closed since April 5, 2017, at the Diver City Plaza.

    Known as the mecca of mechas (robots), the statue has attracted several thousands of visitors from around the world for nearly four and a half years since its positioning in front of the Diver City in Odaiba.

    Ever since the news regarding its removal was announced by Bandai, people in Japan and around the world have expressed sadness, particularly on social media. Mecha fans bid farewell to their most loved Gundam by gathering near the statue and posting pictures on the internet. Some fans demanded that the statue remain untouched as it had been such a great landmark in Tokyo for many years.

    Reasons for Removal

    When it was first announced, many people started speculating that the statue was going to be re-positioned somewhere in a different ward of Tokyo. There have been legitimate reasons for those rumors; the Gundam statue was initially built with the intention of being positioned in Shiokaze Park, and it had also previously been positioned outside Tokyo for several months between 2010 and 2012.

    However, the main reason for its removal is to reinstall a new Gundam with awesome new features and characteristics. It will be upgraded from a normal RX-78-2 Gundam to an RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, which has become very popular since its 2010 debut.

    The Sunrise studio of Bandai also announced in 2014 that its aim is to recreate a moving, walking, Gundam statue, which differs from the old Gundam. So, it seems that the soon-to-be unveiled Unicorn Gundam is going to have some cool motion features!

    The Makeover

    So, what can we expect? People are already sharing Unicorn Gundam pictures and videos on social media outlets, thus revealing its identity, although the construction is yet to be finished. The new statue is going to be 19.7 meters tall with unique features such as a moving antenna as per the original anime creation,The Gundam Series.

    If you watch the anime, you will notice that the Gundam can change its appearance drastically within seconds when it switches from Unicorn to Destroy Mode. The armor is restructured and the head protrusion breaks in half, while the whole frame becomes enhanced to achieve a better performance, as depicted in the anime.

    According to sources so far, the original head antenna movements are going to become a reality in the new life-size Gundam statue. However, the finished result following this fascinating makeover will only be known once it officially opens to the public in fall, 2017.

    Get ready for the opening of this mega mecha in Odaiba soon and prepare to be totally enthralled! It doesn’t matter if you are an anime fan or not, as this is an absolute must-see when you are in Tokyo!

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