Find Out How Japanese People Take Such Good Care of Their Skin!

  • There are two main parts of the body that many people take a lot of care over; their hair, and their skin. Some people spend hundreds, even thousands on hair products, skin care, and other beauty products.

    Japanese people are famous for having flawless, porcelain skin. Well, maybe not exactly flawless since no one is perfect, but the Japanese try to get as close to achieving that as possible! This might make people wonder, what exactly do Japanese people do to their skin?

    Skin Care Routine

    Here are some steps from Japanese skin care routines which are considered the most important for maintaining good skin:


    Cleansing is very important, especially for those who do outdoor activities. Imagine all the dirt, sweat, and pollution that our skin is exposed to during the day. If we don’t clean our face properly it will eventually lead to our skin breaking out and becoming damaged.

    Japanese cleansers are usually oil based, so they can cleanse the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Because some people like to double cleanse (to be extra sure that the dirt and makeup are all gone), gentle cleansers are also available to lessen skin irritation.

    Skin toner

    Many people, particularly those in their teenage years, need to treat skin pores frequently to ensure the size and visibility are reduced. Toners can effectively tighten pores while still locking in moisture. However, toners with alcohol should be avoided because although they may give the impression of tighter pores, they can also strip the skin of natural oils. This may cause the skin to produce even more oil, which in turn could result in even bigger pores.


    People in Japan usually use serums to treat and moisturize their skin. They may use different types of serum to treat different problems. For example, if their main concern is to hydrate the skin then they will use a specific hydrating serum. Often, people will use more than just one type, depending on the weather or the situation. Giving your skin time to absorb the serum properly will do wonders, instead of just piling on all the products at once.

    Sun protection

    Sunscreen or sunblock now comes in many forms such as spray, lotion, and gel, and have different SPF (Sun Protection Factor) strengths depending on skin tone. Applying sunscreen before applying makeup or before going out is very important.

    Many Japanese people try their best to keep out of direct sunlight. This is because direct exposure to sunlight can result in dark freckles, spots, or wrinkles. When buying a sunscreen, people should also make sure they find one which protects against UVA and UVB, types of ultraviolet radiation which are harmful to the skin.


    Of course, taking care of our skin is more than just applying products. Our lifestyle and habits also affect the way our skin looks. Eating fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water (it is highly recommended to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day), and getting plenty of sleep will all contribute to the condition of our skin. Maybe the effects won’t show up instantly, but if we try to invest in a healthier lifestyle it will surely bring good results in the future!

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