Take Your Cola Drink to the Next Level and Try Muji Cola, Only in Japan!

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  • Muji, or Mujirushi Ryohin, not only provides household products but also offers a range of carbonated drinks. It has started producing many different kinds of sodas including great flavors such as peach, mango, apple, lemon-lime, and orange.

    It has also created its own version of cola which uses cola essence. Since it is a non-caffeinated drink, it prevents people from having ‘caffeine hangovers’, or crashing after a caffeine rush. Let’s check out this tasty new product!

    Muji’s Beverage and Snack Selection

    Muji offers several beverages including instant drinks, fruit drinks and bottled drinks around the world. Its fruity beverages come from fresh seasonal fruits around the globe. They are very refreshing and maintain a natural fragrance.

    Muji also offers several instant drinks such as; Instant Lemon & Lime Ginger, Instant Maple Marron Latte, Instant Green Latte, Instant Stick-Coffee Caffeine Less (low caffeine instant coffee), Instant Rooibos Ginger Chai Tea, Instant Hyuganatsu Orange Juice (made of Miyazaki Hyuganatsu juice), Instant Strawberry Lassi Drink, and Instant Barley Latte.

    Some of its bottled drinks include Soda Lychee, Konnyaku Drink Nata De Coco Lychee, Caffeine-free Corn Tea, Apple Juice, Wakayama Mikan Juice, Soda Yuzu, Cafe Latte, Green Tea, Raspberry Tea, Soda Apple, Soda Mika, Oolong Tea, Milk Tea and more!

    They also have an assortment of snacks which go well with their beverages, such as chocolate, candies, chips, and crackers. Their snacks are based on traditional food ideas from around the world. They come in great colors and flavors and Muji are constantly improving the taste of their products using new food processing techniques.

    Muji Cola

    One of the most refreshing drinks you can try from Muji is its carbonated cola. This drink is quite popular in Japan due to the fact that it’s caffeine-free. Caffeine-free cola is not common in Japan, so this Muji Cola is perfect for people who are not only looking for quality, taste, and refreshment but also want something more healthy.

    Most soda drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola use sweeteners and additives as very prominent ingredients, but Muji Cola uses ‘cola essence’ which is a healthier option as it’s made from cola nuts. It’s also caffeine-free, which means no caffeine or sugar crash!

    Caffeine crash occurs when a person takes in moderate to high doses of caffeine, while sugar crash happens when a person becomes fatigued after consuming a lot of carbohydrates which turn to sugar. So, if you’d like to prevent these things from taking place, then you’d better drink Muji Cola!

    Muji Cola comes in a natural color due to the absence of added dyes, which are often used to enhance the appearance of some other beverages. Many people have recently started to buy Muji Cola, with some of them sharing pictures on social media. Some people think that it tastes like Anzu Bou, a Japanese apricot snack, while others think it tastes more like cinnamon or coconut. Muji Cola comes in a 245-ml bottle which costs 120 yen.

    Muji Cola’s unique taste is really something to look forward to! It is not only refreshing but is also a healthier option compared to many other carbonated colas. This drink is ideal for people who are conscious about their sugar intake and would like to take their cola drink to the next level. This is only available in Japan and cannot be found yet in other countries so grab the opportunity now!

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