Here Are 7 Reasons Why Nagano Prefecture is a Great Place to Visit and Live!

  • Japan is a country that mixes tradition with futuristic innovation. Its rich culture, unique food, tourist hotspots, shrines, temples, and quirks make it a great choice for travelers. It is only a small country, but has many different kinds of landscapes such as mountains, beaches, forests, and even sand dunes, meaning that you’ll get a slightly different experience depending on where you go.

    Nagano Prefecture was home to the 1998 Winter Olympics and is famous for beautiful spots and delicious local food. If you’re planning to visit Japan or you’re hoping to live there one day, here are 7 reasons why Nagano is a great place to visit and live!

    1. Summer is Cooler

    Summer in Japan can get stiflingly hot and humid. In August 2017, the hottest day of the year in Tokyo was 37 degrees celsius. Although Nagano does get hot, the high elevation and cleaner air make the summer months a lot more bearable. While people in Tokyo or Okinawa are panting under the air conditioner, people in Nagano are happily hiking and spending their summer outside.

    2. Nagano’s Signature Dishes

    Nagano is home to unagi, a very famous dish consisting of eel, usually served with rice and eaten primarily in summer. Soba, or buckwheat noodles, is also an excellent choice native to this prefecture. There are countless soba and unagi restaurants all over the place ranging from chain restaurants to cozy little localities, so if you visit, be sure to sample the local cuisine that Nagano boasts to the rest of Japan.

    3. It’s Safe from Tsunamis

    Nagano is a landlocked prefecture surrounded by mountains which means that there is no danger from tsunamis. If there is an earthquake, other areas have serious tidal wave warnings, but this isn’t something you have to worry about in Nagano.

    4. The Highest Life Expectancy in Japan

    According to various statistics from outlets such as the Washington Post, Nagano has the highest life expectancy in Japan. Perhaps it’s due to the clean air, the lush nature, or how seriously locals take their exercise. Another great reason to move to this prefecture!

    5. Winter Sports

    When winter comes around, the mountains and high amount of snowfall turn summer hiking trails into exciting skiing and snowboarding destinations. If you love winter sports or would like to try them, it’s much easier to access the various winter sports locations if you visit or actually live in the area.

    6. Hot Spring Monkeys

    The well-known image of seeing snow monkeys bathing in natural hot springs is possible to see in person if you’re staying in Nagano. If that isn’t a reason to visit this charming prefecture in winter, I don’t know what is.

    7. The Gorgeous Autumn Colours

    When the hot summer turns to fall, there are many spots to see the breathtaking views of red, orange, and yellow leaves. If you drive through the Nagano countryside during October and November, you’ll get some amazing photograph opportunities!

    Nagano Prefecture is just one of the many beautiful and interesting prefectures in Japan, and no matter where you end up, you will hopefully find the place that is perfect for you. Consider visiting or moving to Nagano if you love winter sports, nature, and snow.

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