Get Your Matcha Fix With These 3 Delectable Green Tea Parfaits in Japan!

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  • Who does not want a cool dessert after a nice meal? And what better flavor of dessert is out there other than matcha (green tea)? If you are in Japan, be prepared to encounter matcha-flavored food and drink items at almost every nook and corner. Some are unique and aesthetically pleasing, with tastes that linger on your taste buds and take you by surprise. Japanese cafes and restaurants have also begun the war to attract matcha lovers with unique themes and creations. You might have heard of matcha cakes, chips, ice cream, soda, etc., but here are three matcha parfaits that you should definitely give a try when in Japan!

    1. Sabou Parfait (SALON GINZA SABOU)

    Your quest for a nice matcha parfait will not be completed until you try SALON GINZA SABOU’s Sabou Parfait, a crowd favorite owing to its unique presentation. If you happen to be in Ginza, Tokyo, you can try this dessert for 1,100 yen (excluding tax) at SALON GINZA SABOU inside the food and lifestyle shop, SALON adam et ropé, in Tokyu Plaza.

    You will be surprised to find that the parfait is served to look like a Zen garden in a masu (Japanese square wooden box). Once you break the upper plate, you will get to enjoy rice puffs, cream cheese, chestnuts, and matcha ice cream.


    2. Maruto Parfait (NAKAMURA TOKICHI)

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    The Uji area in Kyoto probably needs no introduction as it is famous for green tea in entire Japan. You can find many matcha cafes, traditional sweets shops, and restaurants here that you can visit to get your matcha fix.

    There is a very famous traditional cafe in Kyoto called NAKAMURA TOKICHI that serves a layered matcha parfait called “Maruto.” Served in a long glass, the top layer has the symbol of the company drawn using tea powder on a cream white base, followed by delicious matcha chiffon cake underneath. The best thing about this parfait lies at the bottom, which is match-flavored jelly and syrup that is just so fulfilling.

    You can order the parfait for takeaway if you do not want to sit down and eat at the shop. Every level of the parfait tastes amazing, with hints of red beans and mochi in between.

    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    3. Suisen Parfait (Saryou Suisen)

    If you want to take your lady or gent out for dessert, the Saryou Suisen cafe in Kyoto is the place to be. Here, the parfait served is so elegant and filled with surprises that you will definitely be satisfied. On top is a green tea pancake (mikasa) containing soft beans. You can also find matcha cream and mochi along with sugary jelly at the bottom. Presented in a simple bell-shaped cup, this parfait looks like a typical sundae but is worth trying because of its unique incontestable flavor.

    Saryou Suisen is a traditional Japanese-style cafe with black homeware and a romantic atmosphere which you wouldn’t want to miss. Its main branch is just within walking distance from the very famous Shijo-dori, the bustling commercial street of Kyoto where everyone, from locals to foreigners alike, would like to hang.

    Saryou Suisen Website *Japanese only
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    These three unique matcha parfaits are refreshing and will surely make you want more! You can find many other varieties of matcha-based desserts in almost every Japanese city and town, however, the aforementioned three are a bit more unique. The artistic presentation of these parfaits together with their popularity and taste make them worth the try!

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