Enjoy The Adventures Of This Cute Monster Pirate in a Classic Japanese Anime!

  • Pirates are often represented as nasty, rude and dangerous things. But this does not apply to one of the most popular anime in the world, One Piece. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece has managed to create unique and totally adorable pirate characters! One of the characters in One Piece, designed to be the mascot is Tony Tony Chopper.

    Past Story

    Chopper is a blue-nosed reindeer who once ate a Devil Fruit called Human-human Fruit (“Hito Hito no Mi”) which has given him the ability to transform into a human-reindeer hybrid. With this form, he intends to make friends with humans.

    Unfortunately, people are afraid of Chopper’s transformation as it looks more like a snow monster than a human. Luckily, when Chopper is wounded badly by human gunfire, he is saved by a doctor named Hiluluk. Over time, Chopper manages to become a doctor and joins the Straw Hat (Mugiwara) Pirate crew!


    Tony Tony Chopper has a small body with a big head and cute horns. Before the separation of the Mugiwara Pirate crew, Chopper usually wears maroon shorts, a large pink top hat with a cross symbol given to him by Hiluluk and a small blue backpack which also has the cross symbol.

    After he separates from his friends for 2 years, Chopper is shown with a yellow and white striped tank top, orange shorts, a big blue cap that he puts over his old pink hat and a small blue backpack.
    Compared to other characters, Tony Tony Chopper has the most petite (chibi) and cute appearance. Chopper also has adorable habits. For example, when he is complimented Chopper will pretend that he isn’t happy. He also loves to joke around and dance with his friends.


    Tony Tony Chopper has an important role as a doctor on the Mugiwara Pirate ship. He is tasked to heal his friends when they are injured or sick. Even when he is wounded, Chopper always tries to heal his friends first. Chopper’s ability proves to be very helpful for his friends and the people around him.

    Chopper also creates a medicine which he calls ‘Rumble Ball’ which gives him the ability to turn into more powerful transformations when fighting enemies. When he or his friends are in danger, Chopper will use his Rumble Ball in a higher dose and this makes him turn into an overpowered giant monster that he can’t control and which makes him lose consciousness.

    Even if he is often considered as a monster the Mugiwara Pirate crew, especially Captain Luffy, always consider Chopper as their family. This leads Chopper to promise to always protect his friends no matter what other people say and even though it means that he sometimes has to be a real monster.

    In the End

    Eiichiro Oda once said that Chopper was created with hopes of becoming a cute and fearless mascot in the series. This became a reality when Chopper was praised as one of the best characters in the series, regarded as funny and also touching. By watching this anime series, you can really understand why Tony Tony Chopper is the cutest monster pirate ever and enjoy the popularity of this Japanese classic!

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