4 of the best extreme sports in Japan

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  • If you think Japan is just temple-watching, castle-ogling and Tokyo-shopping, then you are wrong. There is more to Japan than what most tour books mention and it is its extreme side. Take, for example, these extreme activities that will get you to the very highs and depths.

    1. Sky Diving in Tochigi, Tokyo’s neighbourhood

    Yes. There is a sky diving drop zone near Tokyo. If you are a beginner, or shall we say a first-time diver, the tandem sky drop is just around 38,000 yen. Since it is the most extreme skydiving in the country, booking should be done days ahead before the skydive since you have to secure necessary paperwork and insurance before the actual jump.

    Skydive Fujioka website *Japanese only

    2. Scuba Diving

    Swim with the hammerhead sharks, find Nemo and join the turtles, these are just some of the wonderful experiences you get when diving into Japan’s waters. The reefs of Izu Peninsula are thickly inhabited by sea creatures and forests of coral reefs. The diving locations in Okinawa should not be put off too because they are famous for cave diving, colorful reefs and World War II wrecks.

    Scuba diving info
    Further Scuba diving info

    3. Mountain Climbing

    One of the most sought after activities in Japan during summer is the climb to its highest peak – the top of Mount Fuji. Fuji-san, being the most beautiful mountain in the country, has captivated not just local climbers, but foreign visitors as well, making up one-third of the climbers.

    Mt Fuji Website

    4. Tottori Paragliding

    If skydiving is way too rough for you, the paragliding tandem course in Tottori Sand Dunes Paragliding School might be the activity for you. For around 10,500 yen, you get to
    soar with the birds, reach up to the heavens and experience what it feels like to be flying.

    Tottori Sand Dunes Paragliding website

    Japan has many sides to is, the ancient, historical and cultural ones may be the most common of all, but its extreme side is worth experiencing as well. With Japan’s many beautiful sites and picturesque resources, you would want to gear up and take the risk, just to enjoy the country at its best.