Ever Heard Of “Mori Girl”? Here’s All About This Unique Japanese Fashion Style

  • Japan is known for its unique fashion styles such as lolita and decora. But one lesser-known fashion style that originated from Japan is the mori girl. The word “mori” means “forest,” so this style is related to nature, and mori girls are seen as some kind of forest fairies. It is said that the mori girl style is similar to western boho because they are both related to nature. How do you differentiate these two very similar styles, then?

    Mori Girl

    What makes the mori girl different from other Japanese styles is that they tend to use many layers for their outfits. Even so, it doesn’t seem too much if you take a glance at what they’re wearing. The key is to use natural or earth colors such as green, brown, beige, and other dusty colors. Because of this light color palette, the layers match one another just fine.

    The common layering combination for mori girls is an A-line dress with a ruffle skirt (the midi or long one) and an oversized cardigan. Another combination is a long-sleeved top, a dress, and long pants. Even though it seems bulky, they wear it just fine.

    The best part about mori girls is that they don’t wear stilettos; instead, they wear flat shoes or boots. It shows that they are all about living a simple and comfy life.

    Comparison With Boho Style

    1. Loose silhouette

    The first noticeable similarity between the mori girl and boho is loose outfits. Both like to wear something loose so they can move freely in nature. The difference is, boho style lean towards sheer fabrics, while the mori girl style uses medium to heavyweight fabrics and they layer it so much. Another thing is mori girls like ruffles while boho likes fringe.

    2. Accessories

    Headpieces like flower crowns are the most picked accessories for both mori girl and boho style. The difference is that the latter uses more complicated accessories, especially bracelets and necklaces. Since they don’t layer their outfits as much as the mori girl, they layer their accessories instead.

    3. Prints

    The boho style prefers tribal print, which consists of triangles, dots, and stripes, while the mori girl prefers floral prints (usually vintage) and polka dots.

    I don’t know why, but the mori girl style definitely has a calm demeanor. Mori girls express themselves through their fashion and are not easily distracted by the latest trends. They love nature, and more importantly, they love their own selves. Just like any other fashion style, Japanese or not, the mori girl style is a creative form of self-expression.