Looking for an Affordable Way to Travel Across Japan? Try The “Bullet Ferry” Out!

  • The bullet train is a popular transportation commonly used by people in Japan when traveling to far places. However, it can be quite expensive, especially if you’re traveling halfway across the country. Another option you can choose if you’d like to do this in a more economical way is through a “Bullet Ferry.” Find out more about it!

    Traveling by Ferry in Japan

    Japan is made up of four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku) and smaller scattered islands. Sailing by ferries in the country has always been known to cover long distances and is an interesting alternative way of traveling instead of using buses, trains, and airplanes. Ferries do not only transport people but also vehicles and cargoes.

    Accommodation in ferries varies from affordable rooms to private cabins and suites. Ferries are also equipped with facilities like restaurants and public baths.

    If you’d like to book ferry tickets, there are some companies accepting online reservations and some of them are available in English.

    Ferry Sunflower’s Bullet Ferry Plan

    Ferry Sunflower is a ferry operator that carry passengers who are traveling from Osaka to Beppu, Kobe to Oita, Osaka to Shibushi, and vice versa. They provide night cruises wherein passengers can spend a night or two on board; and they also have character rooms such as a Hello Kitty room, a Kumamon room, and a Greboo & Sakura’s room.

    Ferry Sunflower has recently announced its Bullet Ferry plan (Japanese only) which will make it convenient and economical for people to travel across the country. The plan will follow the ferry’s usual three routes which the travelers can choose from. It may not be as fast as the bullet train but it is surely a practical way of traveling if you’d like to save money.

    The prices for all three routes depend on the type of accommodation you want on board. The communal room is cheaper (10,000 yen) than the bunk beds (12,340 yen). For the usual Ferry Sunflower routes, ticket discounts are also available except during peak seasons. Discounts can go as high as 4,000 yen off per ticket depending on the cabin type (deluxe, first, standard, tourist bed, and tourist).

    Traveling through this Bullet Ferry plan will give you the chance to enjoy Japan and its naturally beautiful surroundings on board a ship. This is a perfect getaway with your family if you like traveling via ferry boats.

    Ferry Sunflower Website

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