4 Amazing Hidden Amusement Parks in Japan

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  • You may only have heard of Disney Parks and Universal Studio in Japan hence you limit your visit to those two long-queuing amusement parks. Why not check out these may-be-not-so-famous-parks that absolutely are as fun as the most common ones.

    1. Tobu World Square

    The windows to the world are right here in Japan. The Tobu World Square will bring you to all around the world with just one stop. It is a theme park in Kinugawa Onsen that exhibits small versions of the famous landmarks and buildings from all over the world. It has historical buildings, mini replicas of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, European monuments and buildings and even the Pyramids of Egypt. 1/25 replicas of the famous world landmarks are as detailed as the real things down to its surroundings like cars, people and gardens. There is really no better place to get a sneak peak of the entire world but in Tobu World Square.

    Tobu World Square website

    2. Sanrio Puroland

    The indoor theme park in Tama New Town, Tokyo is a wonderland for Hello Kitty lovers. This indoor theme park offers live performances, attractions and parades. There are also acrobatic shows that are very entertaining. But what makes Sanrio Puroland especially adorable is its Kitty’s House where the guests can get to see Hello Kitty’s world, its cute kitchen and lovely bathroom. The theme park is also filled with restaurants, shops and souvenir stores.

    Sanrio Puroland website

    3. Meiji mura

    Meiji Mura museum and theme park is an open air village that displays the architecture of Meiji era. Upon entering the village, you get a sense of time-traveling as the structures, buildings and your surroundings shift to the Meiji period. Visit the Imperial Hotel and sip coffee in the lobby and experience a fascinating time transcendence towards the past.

    Meiji mura website

    4. Nagashima spa land

    Nagashima Spa Land could be described as an all-in-one theme park. There are thrill rides and roaring roller coasters, a tall observatory ferris wheel that is best enjoyed by couples, and a carousel that lovely little girls like to ride. But what makes it all-in-one is that aside from the amusement park, it has a spa where you can take a dip into an onsen, massage parlours to rest and best of all, the outlet mall where you can also happily spend the day. It is an enormous park with all you want inside of it: mall, amusement and relaxation, so you don’t have to hop from one place to another to get it all.

    Nagashima spa land website

    True. Disney Parks and Universal Studio Japan are the most visited parks in the country. It is where tourists from all over the globe like to visit. However, due to its popularity one ride can mean queuing for one to three hours making it the most frustrating queue in one’s life. Hence, if you are looking for an exciting place to visit without the much-unwanted crowd, these above parks (though not known to many tourists) are worth visiting very much.