Try Max-sized Japanese Fried Chicken at This Restaurant in Beppu, Oita Prefecture!

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  • Oita Prefecture, on the southern island of Kyushu, is particularly popular for a variety of food which comes from the sea and mountains. Besides being blessed with hot springs, it is also known for its chicken karaage, a Japanese dish of chicken deep fried in oil. Many different establishments serve this dish but one particular place in Beppu called Karaage Kon-chan offers Max-sized karaage in a bento box! This is something which makes this food outlet a very popular place to visit!

    What is Karaage?

    Karaage is one of the most popular dishes you can find in Japan. It is simply cooking meat such as chicken or fish in oil. These pieces are first marinated in sake, soy sauce, garlic and ginger before being coated in potato starch. The coating makes them extra crispy and extremely flavorful!

    There are various kinds of karaage but the most popular one is “tatsutaage”. The meat or fish is marinated and seasoned before being deep fried. It is actually considered to be lighter and crispier. Seasoning and coating ingredients vary but usually include wheat flour or potato starch. The preparation technique is similar to that of tempura.

    Karaage is an ideal appetizer for children as well as adults, and it matches perfectly with any kind of drink. There are so many places in Japan where you can buy karaage such as Japanese pubs, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, and food stalls. You can even find them in convenience stores!

    Kara-age Kon-chan’s Max-sized Karaage

    If you’re in Beppu, one very famous place to sample delicious karaage is Kara-age Kon-chan. This restaurant offers dishes in maximum sizes. It also serves Max-sized karaage in bento boxes. This means that the size of the fried chicken bento is actually much bigger than ordinary ones.

    The shop offers karaage in two standard flavors which come in various sizes. You can choose either salt or garlic and soy sauce. Depending on your preference, you can choose a regular size karaage for 500 yen, a large size for 600 yen, a mega size for 950 yen and the maximum size (Max) for 1,400 yen.

    Please be advised that it is important to make a reservation if you’d like to have the MAX-size on a particular day. The bento in Max-size is ideal if you’re really hungry as it contains a large amount of rice and karaage. It is probably ideal for two people with a huge appetite! It is served fresh and hot which makes eating it even more wonderful!

    Kara-age Kon-chan is open from 10:00 am-20:00 pm. Most people come here to eat with friends and acquaintances as it has a very friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t have its own parking space, but there is space for cars to park in front of the store.

    So if you ever visit Oita Prefecture, don’t forget to drop by the scenic city of Beppu. You can have an enjoyable time discovering different Japanese hot springs where you can enjoy bathing in nutrient-rich water, mud and sand, and can finish the visit off eating delicious karaage at Kara-age Kon-chan. With all the different activities in this area, you’ll surely get hungry, and Max-sized karaage will be the perfect dish to enjoy and keep you full!


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