4 Glowing Miracles in Japanese Nature at Night

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  • Japan is known for its numerous temples and castles, it is also famous for its innovations, eclectic fashion and superb cuisine. But if you take a look at these glowing nighttime miracles, the country’s other features get pale in contrast.

    1. Toyama, Japan

    The firefly squid, also known as ‘hotaru-ika’ by Japanese, is related to many other squid species in the ocean. But what makes it different to any other ordinary squid is that it lights up in the night. The squid has photosphores that emit blue light making it look like a glowing-in-the dark creature at night. During spawning season, thousands to millions of squids gather on the shore of Toyama Bay in Japan to lay their eggs, making the area famous for this natural annual light show.

    2. Gyokusendo Caves – Okinawa, Japan

    The Illuminated Caves in Okinawa are world famous caves due to its splendour. It is a 3-mile long cave made up of limestones with stalactites hanging from the walls. The clear pool opens a scene of coral reefs, and colorful fish. You can even dive around some of the spots in the cave.

    Gyokusendo Caves website

    3. Glowing forest in Shikoku

    There is an enchanted forest in Shikoku where glowing mushrooms create a fantasy-like ambiance for a short period of time every year. These bioluminescence mushrooms emerge during the rainy season in the forests of Japan. So next time you go on a hiking trail in the mountains of Shikoku, leave your flashlights dim and you may come face to face with these amazing fungi.

    4. Fireflies
    Fireflies, or hotaru, in Japan appear during rainy season. They thrive in wet, clean and unpolluted surrounding hence it would take a trip to the provinces to watch these glorious little bugs in its natural environment. There are many firefly watching sites in Japan spread all over the country , in fact due to its abundance during firefly season, firefly festivals and observatory parks are common in the country.

    The darkness in Japan is well embraced by everyone. Who would not love the night when it is the time to be enchanted with the glowing wonders of nature, illuminated caves and fantastic fireflies?