Feeling Hot and Sticky? Here Are 3 Japanese Products to Help You Cool Down

  • Anyone who has been to Japan during summer knows that the heat and humidity can be very challenging. It does not take long for you to be a sticky, sweaty mess when you’re out and about. Of course, we would all prefer to stay indoors where the air conditioners keep you cool. However, it is inevitable for a person to be under the sun. Luckily, Japan is the country of inventions. The summer heat has brought to life some of the most interesting things and ideas to help people survive the season. Among all the fascinating things that had become popular for summer, here are three items that I think are worth a try.

    1. Cooling Spray

    Kobayashi Pharmaceutical recently came up with “Shatsu Kuuru” or “Shirt Cool” which is basically a cooling spray. All you need to do is spray it on your clothes and it will react with your sweat to create a cooling sensation which lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. Shirt Cool is fairly affordable at 500 yen per 100mL and it can easily be found in most drugstores during the summer. It has two scents: floral and menthol.

    What’s good about this product is that it is convenient. First of all, the spray bottle fits most bags so you can carry it around and use it when you have a little sweat-related emergency. Also, even though it’s a spray, it does not leave a stain on your clothes. However, the downside to this product is that it works by reacting to moisture which means that the cooling down effect will only work in places where there is sweat.

    2. Underarm Cooler

    If Shirt Cool works with your sweat, this next product claims to prevent you from sweating in the first place – at least not your armpits. One of the biggest struggles during summer is having embarrassing sweat stains. If you relate to this struggle, then Thanko’s Underarm Cooler might just be the product for you. All you need to do is clip this onto your sleeves or anywhere you would like to avoid sweating. This cooler is powered by two AAA batteries and will work for five to nine hours, depending on which of the three intensity settings you use.

    Thanko’s Underarm Cooler works pretty much like a portable fan except that the way it is structured makes sure that the cool air is directed towards where you want to feel that refreshing breeze. Plus, it’s just white and simple so it’s not as attention-grabbing as other portable fans. Although, the downside is that even though the Underarm Cooler is small, it’s not small enough to be invisible under your sleeves. People will be able to notice it so it might be a little weird to go around wearing it all day. However, I think this is perfect for a quick refreshing break.

    3. Slow-Melt Popsicle

    What better way to cool down in this sweltering heat than to eat ice cream? Eating something cold and sweet is literally a treat. However, being under the sun means you would not be able to savor your ice cream because it is most likely to melt fast. At least, that was the case before researchers in Japan accidentally discovered that polyphenol, a liquid that can be extracted from strawberry, solidifies dairy cream instantly.

    The initial goal of the researchers from Biotherapy Development was to help strawberry farmers who were affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. However, in the process, they developed a recipe for slow-melting popsicles based on polyphenol. This new recipe will make sure that your popsicles retain its shape even after five minutes under the sun instead of being a sad, dripping mess right after a few seconds.

    There is not a downside I could think of with slow-melt popsicles. In fact, it has so many potentials in the culinary field that I hope Biotherapy Development and other researchers will explore it in the future.

    Summer is associated with fun, vacation, and the bright sun. However, it is also the time for sweat and, generally, just bothering heat, especially in places like Japan where it is not only hot but also humid. Thankfully, Japan has inventions that will make our summer a little more bearable by making sure we are kept refreshed.

    *Featured Image: jp.fotolia.com/