Akiu Village : Miyagi’s Hot Spring Spot with 1500 Years of History

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    We cannot really separate the Japanese sights viewing from visiting the hot springs in japan. To go to a Hotspring or a known Onsen is one of the must-do list at least once in a lifetime. This ancient culture exists until now and the Japanese family had introduced this activity to their kids from the early age.
    Due to many volcanic mountains, Japan is rich with hot spring spot. And I will take you to a visit to the Akiu Village “The Onsen Village”, located just 50 minutes by bus from Sendai station. Akiu onsen is one of Japan most famous Onsen and one of “Japan’s Three Royal Hotspring”. This beautiful village consist of more than 15 hot spring spots throughout Akiu village. From the cheapest one to the most expensive, from open air bath to private bath. The high quality of its hot spring combine with its amazing beauty of nature made Akiu onsen as one of Japan most beautiful hot spring resort.

    Akiu Onsen Village

    Indoor Onsen

    Outdoor Onsen in Winter

    The history of Akiu onsen village could be tracked back to the 6th century or more than 1500 years ago (it’s one of the reason why you should visit Akiu onsen, historical place that you still can enjoy its beauty until now) and became one of Date Masamune’s (The lord of Sendai) place to enjoy the beauty of nature and relaxing.
    There is no specific best time to visit Akiu Hotspring because in every season it is the best time to visit this wonderful hot spring. In spring and summer, you will see relaxing green scenery while enjoy the hot spring, in the fall you will see its beautiful autumn foliage with red, brown, yellow leaves, in the winter you will be surrounded by white color of snow while warm your body in high-quality hot spring water. You have to visit this hot spring resort in every season because you will have a different experience in one way or another.

    How to get there:
    From Tokyo:
    [Rail] 1h 40 min from Tokyo to Sendai Station by JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line, 55 min from Sendai to Akiu-onsen by Sendai Seibu liner bus (Bus stop no.29).

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