Here Are 5 of the Weirdest and Most Wonderful Fashion Trends From Japan!

  • Fashion trends are always changing over time. Fashion styles are usually determined by a person’s character, occupation or hobby, and can ultimately affect the fashion styles of others.

    The Japanese fashion industry is one of the most unique in the world. Japanese fashion trends are sometimes regarded as a little bit weird, but some of them still become very popular. Here are some of the strangest fashion trends which originated in Japan that might inspire you to find a new fashion style!

    1. Cosplay (コスプレ)

    Cosplay is an abbreviation of the words Costume and Play. Cosplay is a fashion trend in which a person wears clothes, accessories, and makeup which replicates characters of anime, manga, games, and Tokusatsu (Japanese movies in the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and live-action genres).

    Cosplay was first known to be exhibited at a masked ball during a science fiction convention called Nihon SF Taikai 17th convention in Ashinoko, Kagawa prefecture in 1978.

    Cosplay contests became a fixed event after the Nihon SF Taikai 19th convention in 1980 and many people caught on to the trend. Since then, cosplay has grown in popularity and is regularly published in magazines and through other media channels.

    2. Visual Kei (ヴィジュアル系)

    Fashion trend Visual Kei is derived from the words Visual and Kei (the Japanese word for “Style”). Visual Kei is often referred to as a sort of punk style that originated in Japan.

    The Visual Kei fashion style originates from popular J-Rock bands that started forming in the 1990s. Performers at this time often wore elaborate band costumes, colored hair in unique styles, and striking makeup, and developed the Visual Kei style which is popular today!

    3. Gyaru (ギャル)

    Gyaru is a term commonly used to describe fashionable Japanese girls aged between 10 and 20 years. This style is separated into two groups, namely white gyaru (白ギャル, shiro gyaru) and black gyaru (黒ギャル, kuro gyaru).

    People who follow white gyaru trends style themselves so their skin looks natural and white, while those who follow black gyaru trends prefer to tan their skin through a dark foundation or go to a tanning salon.

    Gyaru fashion style is influenced by some western fashion trends including wearing mini skirts, makeup and unique accessories, some controversial clothes, and golden-brown colored hair.

    4. Decora

    Decora is a Japanese street fashion. Decora fashion trend popularized in the 1990s and is growing in the 2000s.

    This fashion style is characterized by light-colored clothing, decorative hair styles, and a wide range of colorful accessories such as stockings, hair bands, bracelets, necklaces, and ribbons with funny and cute characters!

    5. Lolita (ロリータ)

    Lolita is a classic fashion style influenced by European fashion. Lolita is characterized by wrinkled and laced dresses, parasols, high socks, shoes and European headwear.

    This fashion style is also sometimes interpreted as clothing for young girls worn by adult women. You can see many girls wearing this kind of clothing, especially in Harajuku. Actually, there are lots of styles within Lolita fashion, such as gothic style, sweet style, classic and casual style.

    These are 5 of the weirdest Japanese fashion trends. Don’t be surprised if you find those fashion trends on the streets everywhere in Japan, in trendy areas such as Harajuku and Shibuya!

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