Original products in every area of Japan

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  • To buy a souvenir after a trip is a common activity for any traveler. In Japan, it’s as common as in any other country, but what is special about this here is, the originality of a product of a specific region, especially edible products. For example, you cannot find Kitkat Citrus in any part of Japan except in the place called Matsuyama, you may not find Zunda (young green beans) taste of countryman anywhere except in Tohoku area.

    Why does this happen?

    The uniqueness of a product for one specific region is one of the Japanese government and citizens’ strategy to strengthen economy of a certain prefecture. Every region has its own identity and is proud of a local product, especially in this globalization era, when there is no limit to variety. This specific way of protecting local treasures is a merit for a traveler as well. Because they can easily pick a souvenir, which is original to a place they are visiting.

    Fukushima Peach

    I will give you an example of one of high quality local products from Fukushima, which is Peaches, and is available in many various kinds of products. For example peach pie, peach bread, peach biscuits etc.

    Aomori Apple

    Aomori prefecture in Tohoku region is one of the famous prefectures that produce Tsugaru apple, the sweetest apple that I have ever tried. Aomori’s famous souvenir is Nebuta Juice which is 100% canned apple juice , no sugar is added so you can try the real sweetness of Aomori apple. Not just juice, you can try other kinds of apple flavored products as well!

    Tochigi Strawberry

    Tochigi prefecture in Japan is one of the prefectures that are famous for high quality strawberries, you can try various sizes and various kinds of strawberries The most famous one recently is Skyberry. Skyberry is a giant strawberry from Tochigi that costs more than a usual strawberry. But it is totally worth for a price of this high quality strawberry

    So, before you visit any specific area in Japan, make sure to find their No.1 local product!