4 point cards you’ll definitely need in Japan

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  • Yes, in Japan almost every business has its own point card as extra service for customer to be shopping in their shop or purchasing a specific brand. Because of that,it is not so surprising when you end up having many and many point cards in your wallet. But this is a list of Point Card sin Japan that you should definitely have to be getting discounts or other convenience services.

    1. Convenience Store Point Card

    Japan is one of countries that has a large number of convenience stores available throughout the country, you can do all your business here, in this very convenience store, from shopping, withdrawing and transferring money (domestic and international if 7/11), using WiFi, printing and scanning, paying almost all of your house bills, and even going to the toilet! You will need a convenience store in Japan more than you do so in any other country. Having a convenience store point card is something that will give more value to your shopping, and be ready to stock enough points that you can exchange for goods!

    2. Your Favorite Restaurant/Cafe Point Card

    8/15 *Cheer Cafe* . 雨の日はスタンプがお得♪♪ . こんにちは、大和田です☆ . すっかり常連様たちに愛用していただいてるcheercafeのポイントカード♪ ドリンクやデザート、そしてランチ無料の欄までポイントを貯めていただき、サービスで提供させていただけることが増え、私たちもとても嬉しく思っております♡ . 本日は、雨の日の+1ポイントサービスの日でございます! 来店時に雨が降っていなかったとしても、雨の日ポイントです(o^^o)!! . それでは、本日もみなさまのご来店を心よりお待ちしております☆*:.。. . 【日替わりランチプレート】 ☆豚のしょうが焼きプレート ☆漬けマグロ&アボカドプレート . 【本日のスタッフ】 大和田友美、田中千明 . *営業時間* 11:30〜16:30(フードL.O.15:30、ドリンクデザートL.O.16:00) . #cheercafe #チアーカフェ #池袋カフェ #カフェ巡り #穴場カフェ #カフェランチ #池袋ランチ #ポイントカード #雨の日 #お得です #池袋東口 #お待ちしております

    Cheer Cafe(@cheer_cafe)分享的貼文 於 張貼

    Many restaurants and cafes have their own point cards, and when it reaches a certain amount of points you will get free food or at least free drinks. Don’t miss out on getting free goodness in Japan!

    3. Electronics Store

    Why electronics store? Because electronics is something you want to buy quite frequently in this high-tech country. You will need many things to start your new life in Japan, and electronics is one of them. For example, cell phone, heater, WiFi router, etc. So, you will not regret making a point card at your favourite electronics store at all.

    4. Daily items

    In regards it this, it’s up to you what kind of store you want to have the point card from, the daily items may range from shampoo or soap to common drugs. I usually get drug store point cards because they have all kinds of items that I really need in daily life.