Indulge in Chocolatey Goodness at This Charming Chocolate Shop in Kyoto!

  • There are so many chocolate shops in Kyoto, but few of them offer chocolates made of Kyoto sake! If you’re looking for one, then try heading to “Chocolat Bel Amer Kyoto Bettei.”

    The chocolates in this shop are displayed like jewelry. All of them have been passionately made with exact flavor, taste, and texture. The chocolates come in gorgeous, cute colors that are delicious and attractive! Read on to find out about this very tempting shop!

    The Shop

    Chocolat Bel Amer Kyoto Bettei is heaven on earth for chocolate lovers. This shop offers handmade chocolates which come in different tastes and flavors. Their chocolates are displayed beautifully in the shop like jewelry.

    Some of the most highly recommended ones include Mizuho no Shizuku, Palet Chocolat, Stick Chocolat and Cacao Shape’s Container. Mizuho no Shizuku is a chocolate made with Japanese sake from Kyoto. One piece costs 260 yen while five pieces cost 1,512 yen (this comes in a box containing five assorted flavors).

    The Palet Chocolate is a two-inch sized chocolate which comes in 56 different kinds! This treat also comes in different flavors such as black bean, green tea, and fresh fruits. It costs 281 yen per chocolate.

    Stick Chocolat is a chocolate which melts in your mouth. It is mild, smooth, and perfect for those looking for a refreshing chocolate treat. A stick costs 540 yen. Finally, Cacao Shape’s Container is actually a container, not a chocolate. It’s a container shaped like cacao, which you can fill with different varieties of chocolate flavors. It costs 8,640 yen. This would make for a really unique souvenir!

    The Chocolate Bar

    ・ ショコラ ベル アメール 京都別邸 ❤️ ・ ずっと食べたかったショコラ ベルアメールのショコラベリーパフェを食べに行って来ました🍓✨ 上にのってる生チョコが濃厚で美味しい😆 大好きなベリーとマカロンものってるし、中にも紅茶のクッキーが入っていたり好きなものばかりで幸せでした~❤️ ・ #京都 #ショコラベルアメール京都別邸 #ショコラベルアメール #チョコレート専門店 #京都カフェ #京都カフェ巡り #カフェ #カフェ巡り #チョコレート #パフェ #スイーツ #そうだ京都行こう #カフェ好きな人と繋がりたい #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #カメラ初心者 #カメラ女子 #kyoto #kyotocafe #cafe #chocolatbelamer #chocolate #parfait #kyotostyle #yummy #foodstagram #food #sweet #loves_kyoto #instakyoto

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    Chocolat Bel Amer Kyoto Bettei has a second floor where you can relax and enjoy even more varieties of chocolates in a nice atmosphere. Some of the most highly recommended items on the menu include Banana mille-feuille with 196 degrees of Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate fondue, B.L.T sandwich, and hot chocolate.

    The Banana mille-feuille is a combination of banana custard, fresh sliced banana, and chocolate sauce. This is served with chocolate ice cream. A set costs 1,620 yen. The chocolate fondue is served with chocolate in the center and is surrounded by dips such as fruits, cakes, and other sweets. It costs 3,420 yen and it is ideal for two people.

    Along with chocolate desserts, the bar also offers a tasty B.L.T. sandwich which contains bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes for 1,080 yen. This is served with delicious pickles. If you’d like to have a hot chocolate drink, try having Hot Chocolate ‘Venezuela’ which costs 864 yen per cup. It contains 72% cacao and yummy foam milk.

    An English menu is available for visitors to easily browse and choose a tasty treat. All of the items are made from carefully selected ingredients from Kyoto and look very tempting with their playful, cute designs. You can drop by any time of the day as it is open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    You can really treat yourself, and enjoy eating and shopping for chocolates at Kyoto’s Chocolat Bel Amer Kyoto Bettei. This wonderful shop allows you to experience chocolate on a totally different level! The space inside the shop is so comfortable that you’ll just want to indulge in chocolate goodness all day!

    Chocolat Bel Amer Kyoto Bettei Website *Japanese only

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