Japan, the Best Place to Be a Dog!

  • For those who live in Japan, it is common to see the dogs walked everywhere. Maybe some of you have already seen dogs playing in a garden, in a cafe, and in some shops. In Japan, it doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, a woman or a man, they really like dogs and dogs are treated very well here. Dogs are considered to be family members in Japan.

    Dogs culture

    I think most of you know the story of Hachiko. The loyal dog who really loved the owner until the end of its life. In Hachiko movie, you can see that the dog always goes everywhere with the owner. In Japan, the intimacy between the dog and the owner looks more or less like that in Hachiko movie.

    The culture of adopting dogs as pets initially came as an alternative for those who don’t want to or can’t have a baby or get married. Dogs can be the best companions for them. The Japanese people tend to choose the dogs that are not too old and not too big. Some most common dogs adopted by Japanese are toy poodles, chihuahuas, and miniature dachshunds. Those breeds of dogs are especially popular because of the size that can easily fit in a Japanese house. A smaller dog also means it is easier to take care of and clean. However, the bigger dogs like Shiba-Inu, Akita and Golden retriever are also popular, because they are family-friendly. In Japan, the role of dogs has also expanded these days. Dogs play a great role in companion for elderly, are friends for disabled, and supporters for sick people in the hospital.

    More than a Pet

    How people express their love for dogs comes in different ways. They are brought to the salons and special dog beauty centres, they are brought to the spa centres and onsens, they are given special beautiful dog clothes, and are even included in activities like swimming, hiking and yoga.

    All for Dogs!

    So, how about you guys? Do you treat your dogs or pets with love like the Japanese?