The 7 Wonders of Japanese Spring

  • Spring Beauty

    Spring is nearly over and we can feel Mr. Summer’s scorching hotness. If you have missed spring you better book a flight for next year’s spring season and never miss these seven wonders of spring in Japan.

    1.Cherry Blossoms

    Even the locals can’t get enough of Cherry Blossoms. The tree only blooms once a year and only for a few weeks at that. It would make one think how could something so beautiful only last for a couple of days and only once a year? Those short few weeks of trees blossoming, its beautiful pink to white flowers are marked in the calendar among locals and very sought by the foreigners. Thousands of tourists take their Japan tours on these dates to enjoy the majestic views of cherry blossom landscapes and festivals.

    2. Shibazakura

    One of the wonders of spring is the Shibazakura or pink moss growing on hills and plains of Japan. The Shibazakura blooms around mid-April to June and these carpet of pink flowers has captivated hundreds of thousands of tourists yearly. A pink moss festival at the foot of Mount Fuji is held annually and the place offers the greatest view of the bed of flowers and the stunning Mount Fuji.

    Mont Fuji Shibazakura Festival

    3. Wisterias in Ashikaga Park

    One of the wonders of spring is the Wisterias hanging from its tendrils creating an enchanting forest of hanging flowers. Japan is famous for its Wisteria tunnels in Ashikaga Park. You will love how these purple shades hanging all over the place embracing and creating an ethereal ambiance.

    Ashikaga Park

    4. Tulips in Japan

    During late April to early May, it is the Tulips that graces the gardens of Japan. There is a park in Toyama that houses 2.5 million tulips during spring. The place has over 600 varieties of tulips clustered beautifully in the entire park’s vicinity.

    Tonami Tulip Park Access

    5. Hitachi Seaside Park

    The 190 acres of land in the Hitachi Seaside Park is engulfed with flowers all year round. But what makes the place popular is its baby blue eyes flowers (Nemophila menziesii) which bloom during April. The 4.5 million blue petaled flowers creates an ocean of flowers in the park drawing tourists during this season. Who would not want to take a stroll on a sea of blue fleur de blue?

    Hitachi Seaside Park

    6. Lavender field

    Hokkaido, the second largest island in Japan is the home of the famous rainbow flower field that made tourists pack their bags and leave the cities to the Nakafurano Town. But during spring, lavender mostly fills its hills. With the smell of lavender is in the air, the calming purple flowers in the background, this beauty in spring has totally captivated photographers, tourists and even the locals.

    Nakafurano Lavender Park Access

    7. Rose Gardens

    May is the season of Roses and it is during this time of the year that Rose gardens are at its greatest beauty. Being inside one would make you feel like you are in a secret place on a rendezvous with your prince charming.