Check Out These 2 Popular Restaurants in Tokyo Where You Can BBQ Your Own Food!

  • Barbecue is a type of cooking style which brings people closer together. There are many places in the world which barbecue their food and Japan is no exception. Having a barbecue is a popular outdoor activity in this country, especially during the summer.

    There are several types of barbecue which differ depending on the region, but all of them are satisfying and mouthwatering! If you’re visiting Tokyo there are many restaurants where you can barbecue your own food. There’s no need to bring any equipment as these places have everything you need. Here are two great restaurants in Tokyo that you should visit!

    1. Cafe; Haus Garden BBQ

    Cafe; Haus Garden BBQ is a wonderful restaurant in Tokyo where you can barbecue your own food. Barbecues are held in its spacious garden which is really comfortable and the perfect outdoor barbecue setting.

    Barbecuing your food here is a very hands-on experience! The restaurant is very clean and cozy and the ingredients and equipment you need are prepared for when you arrive. Some of the items you can barbecue include steak, chicken, and vegetables.

    If you’re not very experienced when it comes to barbecuing your food, BBQ instructors are available to assist you. In case it rains, tents are available to use. This restaurant will make sure that nothing can spoil the barbecue fun! Aside from food, this restaurant also serves a selection of wine and cocktails. It is an ideal place for family gatherings, and great for meeting with friends.

    Cafe; Haus Garden BBQ can accommodate 200 people in its spacious BBQ garden, and customers pets are welcome. It is an enjoyable place to go after a busy working week and a brilliant Japanese dining experience for visitors!

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    2. Italian BBQ Carvino

    Italian BBQ Carvino is a newly opened BBQ restaurant in Tokyo Dome City. It offers authentic Italian dishes which you can barbecue for fun. The restaurant is based on the concept of a “Tuscan Grill”, a lively and sophisticated atmosphere where guests can enjoy food prepared on a cast iron grill.

    The barbecuing is enjoyed on the restaurant terrace and provides guests with a refreshing feeling of being outdoors. One of the exquisite meat dishes you can try here is “Florentine-Style T-Bone Steak,” a popular dish which consists of T-Bone steak, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

    You’ll also be given “Broil King” equipment to do your barbecuing. This will not only allow you to grill but also be able to roast and try other cooking methods. Some of the staff can advise you on the best cooking method for a specific dish, so you can learn a lot about cooking in this restaurant! They can also suggest which drinks to pair with your T-Bone Steak.

    Italian BBQ Carvino is in a very good location and is ideal for those who’d like to unwind and relax. With regards to cost, you’ll probably spend around 4,500 yen for each BBQ course. The restaurant is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Since the place is quite popular, it is very important to make a reservation in advance, which you can do here (Japanese only).

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    Nothing beats the fun of having your own BBQ in a clean and open space where traffic cannot be seen and noises cannot be heard. What makes it the best feeling in the world is spending it with your family and friends who are just as eager as you to barbecue their own food! When it comes to the best places to barbecue your own food in Tokyo, look no further than these two great restaurants!

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