Prepare For Your Visit To Tokyo and Read About these 4 Weather Changes in the City

  • It is common for tourists to put Tokyo at the top of their destination list when visiting Japan. Tokyo is considered to be one of the world’s greatest cities to visit in terms of restaurants, fashion stores, fish markets, electronics, public parks, and interesting gadgets!

    However, there are many things you need to consider before visiting the city such as the changing weather throughout the year. As this could greatly affect your overall travel experience of the city, it is best to get a head start before touring this concrete jungle. Read on to find out about these weather changes!

    1. January-March

    January to March in Japan is more of a holiday season. There are so many events which occur during these months. In Tokyo, January is usually the coldest month of the year. The winter season usually lasts from December to mid-March. It is best to prepare some winter clothes before you depart to Tokyo, even though the city may not be the coldest place in the country.

    February is considered to be a low season for traveling in Tokyo, and by the end of February, the weather is usually mild in the city. During this time, you can attend events like “Setsubun”, where people traditionally throw beans to mark the beginning of spring. Spring kicks off during March in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms finally reach the city making the busy people quite happy!

    2. April-June

    April is one of the best months to visit Tokyo. The weather is usually perfect and the summer rains will have already passed. Sightseeing in Tokyo is a joy at this time of year, and the pleasant weather also allows the cherry blossoms to fully bloom!

    The official start of the festival season in Tokyo is May. The Golden Week happens at this time and events like Cambodia Festival, Cinco de Mayo and Hawaii Festival occur in the city. Although the events become less frequent during June, throughout the month many firefly festivals are held where you can usually spot real fireflies!

    3. July-September

    Summer hits hard during July in Tokyo. There are many firework festivals at this time and Bon Odori dances can be seen along the streets. One of the most popular festivals is the Sumida River Fireworks Festival which is the largest fireworks display festival in the city.

    The fun continues until the month of August. Outdoor drinking events occur and all-night dance parties are common. September is a season of typhoons. However, beer gardens feature in the city until the end of the month!

    4. October-December

    October is a pleasant month to travel to Japan as the weather is still warm. It is at this time that the colors of the leaves begin to change. There are many food festivals and moon-viewing events at this time.

    November is full of fun and festivity and during this time you can witness some illumination shows. You can also look forward to the most visit-worthy Tori-no-Ichi (open air markets) in the capital city. The colors of Tokyo are best viewed until December, and there are many family events and illumination shows during this season.

    Before your trip to the impressive capital city of Japan, take note of these weather changes which occur throughout the year. It will give you enough time to prepare the right clothing to bring, and ensure that you know what to expect during the different seasons!

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