Travel by the amazing Japanese buses!

  • Most of people prefer easy and fast transportation for traveling, so traveling by bus is something that people usually choose as the last option. However, high tech and fast transportation available in Japan did not put the bus business aside. Japanese bus, unlike usual bus, is very comfortable and you will not feel the hours spent inside it. Why? Here is a review about one of the famous Japanese Buses, Willer Express.

    There are many timing options for departure or arrival for short distances, you can pick your most comfortable time in the morning, afternoon or night.

    Solo Girl Traveler

    For solo girl travelers, there are no worries because some buses’ seats in Japan are arranged based on gender. If you travel by yourself then the seat next to you will be occupied by a girl as well.

    Seat Options

    There are many options to choose a seat from, you can pick what fits your need the most. Here are some of them.

    • Relax Seat

    This kind of seat has a roof-like structure on top of your head to cover your face during resting to avoid sunlight and starting from the other people when we move weirdly as we sleep.

    • Business class comfort

    This bus is equipped with Wireless LAN, TV, and all you need for business is here

    • Personal Monitor

    Seats equipped with your own private screen to watch your favorite movies, play your favourite games and etc.

    Convenience Store Payment and No need for Credit Card.

    You can pay in a convenience store for almost all the bus reservations, many famous convenience stores like lawson, family mart, seven eleven and such, have this kind of ticket service machine. Just print out the reservation using it, pay in the cashier, and you’re good to go.

    English Web Reservation Page

    For a foreigner in Japan, the language can be one of the biggest barriers in ordering or reserving something, but don’t worry because Willer Express bus company has interactive, full English option to make a reservation.

    Willer Express website