Do You Know Where to Find Adorable Animals in Kobe? Check Out These 2 Places!

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  • Kobe is a great multicultural city in proximity to other megacities such as Osaka that needs to be covered when you are in the Kansai region. It has many fantastic places to visit, including castles, temples, modern buildings, parks, and whatnot. However, if you are looking for a relaxing day watching animals, these are the two places in Kobe you should not be missing out on!

    1. Suma Aqualife Park

    The Suma Aqualife Park has many specialties that leave you in wonder and make you want to visit again. It is a great spot for spending time with your family and kids as it has several cute animals to see, such as penguins and dolphins. There is a giant ocean-like aquarium with waves where you can find some interesting predators such as sharks swimming gracefully. You can also get to see some rare species such as pirarucu, electric eel, and so on, which you might have only seen on National Geographic Channel.

    The highlight of this park is its amphitheater which displays dolphin acrobatic skills for your amusement. You can also touch baby seals and turtles, feed fish to otters and penguins, relax at the amusement park, and do so much more with your family here. All you need to do is plan a day visit to this spectacular park in Kobe facing the Osaka Bay. The Suma Aqualife Park is, in fact, one of the best in the country that offers spectacular views of sea creatures since its opening in 1957.

    In addition to seeing nearly 13,000 aquatic animals in the park, you can also chill near Suma Beach which is right in front of it. You can check their website for more information such as admission prices and schedules of the shows and events.

    Suma Aqualife Park Website

    2. Kobe Animal Kingdom

    Kobe Animal Kingdom is the new name of Kobe Kachoen which used to be a garden with lots of collections of plants, started initially by the famous Kamo Mototeru. It was a giant glasshouse that went bankrupt and was later rebranded as a theme park. With dozens of birds and animals such as owls, capybaras, pandas, cranes, beavers, parrots, alpacas, turtles, sloths, kangaroos, seals, pythons, bears, deer, horses, monkeys, hawks, cats, dogs, rabbits, swans, and so on, you surely will have an amazing time here.

    The best things to do in this park include feeding animals such as penguins, pandas, and seals, taking a walk with alpacas or riding horses, and watching a number of unique animal shows such as the dog and bird performances.

    Inside the park, there are beautiful lagoons and restaurants for you to chill at while enjoying nature and delicious food. There is also a section with cafes, gift shops, and resting areas with hanging flower gardens. The entrance fees to this park seem pretty reasonable, and if you are traveling in groups, you can get discounts, too.

    Kobe Animal Kingdom Website *Japanese only

    So if you are in Kobe, do take some time off to enjoy the Suma Aqualife Park and/or Kobe Animal Kingdom which are filled with nature’s abundance. They are actually some of the best tourist spots in the whole area, which is why you must visit them with your family and friends.

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