Culture Centers in Japan: Try Something New Today!

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    Bunka Center


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    Then, it’s time you check out what your local bunka center (culture center) has to offer. Every city has one or two, there are actually three in Nagoya city, although sometimes hidden, once you find them you hopefully won’t forget.

    Many Classes


    While private gyms can get pricey, and the public gyms close a bit early, bunka centers run classes every day of the week at various times for all levels- beginner, intermediate or advanced. The classes range from languages to all kinds of dance, painting, jewelry making, sewing, and much much more! Are you trying a class for the first time? No problem! You can arrange to sit in and observe the class or in some cases try the class to see if it is something you want to continue with.


    Staff will assist you

    The helpful staff will greet you with a smile and assist you in finding something that suits your interests. They can give you a lot of information about each class, and will help you fit it into your schedule easily. Bunka center classes are not only fun, but they will also fall perfectly into your budget. It’s also a great way to meet new people, and really connect with your community and a different part of Japanese culture.

    So many classes, not sure what to choose? Think it over. The bunka center’s detailed catalog is free so you can leisurely browse through while thinking about what classes you want to take. You can start classes anytime you like as registration is flexible. Start learning something new, or improving a skill you already have today, find a bunka center near you and enjoy a more social life in Japan.