10 things you will miss about Japan

  • Some people I talked to said that they miss Japan very much after coming back from their holiday, even if only spent a few days in Japan. People who ever lived in Japan for some period of time must also be missing Japan desperately. Yes, Japan is a place that people always miss after they have spent some time here. The country’s uniqueness, calmness, cleanness and people’s lifestyle become special memories that people will always remember.

    If you ever lived in Japan or visited here, I think you have a more specific thing about this country that you miss. From the culture, nature, and products that you can only find in Japan. So, what do people actually miss the most after they leave Japan?

    1. Onigiri

    Onigiri is a Japanese snack made from rice filled with different things like tuna, salmon, chicken and etc, and wrapped in dried seaweed. In Japan, onigiri can be found in a convenience store, supermarket and many other places. Normally, people buy onigiri for quick breakfast or as a snack that can be eaten fast when they are hungry and in a hurry.

    2. Vending Machines

    People will miss Japanese vending machines because 1. vending machines in Japan can literally be found everywhere. 2. Japanese vending machines can be unique. Normally they have different kinds of drinks, but sometimes they have other stuff like bananas or cigarettes.

    3. Trains

    Train is a public place where you can blend in with local people. Trains in Japan are very convenient and are always on time.

    4. Kombini

    Kombini is what a convenience store is called in Japan. Kombinis in Japan are very interesting. Here you can find many kinds of Japanese drinks, bento, Japanese sweets, chocolate, fruits, fried stuff, coffee, Japanese magazines, cosmetics, and even household items. Yes, you can find everything in Kombini

    5. Shrines and Temples

    Shrines and temples are places that you can easily find in Japan. You can find shrines in residential complexes or in a public area. Moreover, if you ever visited Kyoto, the atmosphere of shrines and temples that are everywhere around is the one that you will miss.

    6. The people

    Maybe you were not really close with the Japanese when you were here. But, Japanese people will be the ones that you will miss when you leave the country. Their politeness, their different lifestyle, and their warm attitude when greeting you with ‘Ohayou gozaimasu’ every morning are some things that you must always remember.

    7. Students in uniforms

    Groups of students in uniforms might be a common thing that you see in your home country for some. But in Japan, seeing a group of students, especially for those who never visited this country before, is something very interesting. The uniform of Japanese high school students can remind us of our favorite cartoon ‘Sailormoon’. And a group of kids wearing uniform is something that we can’t help but find too cute. Maybe if we leave Japan, we will miss those students that we are used to seeing on the train.

    8. Toilets

    Yes, it is true that Japan has sophisticated toilets. A toilet in Japan normally is controlled by buttons. Each button has its own function, from bidet until music playing. Something that is very convenient.

    9. Cleanliness

    Cleanliness in Japan is something that you can’t compare with many countries. It is also related to good health and long lifespan of the Japanese people. There is a particular way of throwing the trash away in Japan, and it is also separated by the type. Food in Japan is also fresh and safe.

    10. Tatami

    Maybe if you ever lived in Japan or stayed in one of the Japanese houses, you know about tatami. Tatami is a mat that is used to cover the floor in the traditional houses in Japan. I am sure that you will miss this kind of floor when you leave this country.