Meet Lulu, the World’s First Living Doll Fashion Model In Japan!

  • It’s not surprising that the world’s first living doll has come from Japan. Her name is “Lulu Hashimoto,” a body-doll suit made by Hitomi Komaki. Lulu is turning heads in the fashion industry with her airbrushed doll-like joints!

    She may look a bit creepy but for Hitomi, Lulu is simply a way for women to feel cuter. Japan, as a country, follows the ‘kawaii’ trend and Lulu is no exception. She is the epitome of cuteness and takes kawaii culture to the next level. She made her debut as the world’s first living doll fashion model on July 11, 2016. Read on to find out more about this uniquely Japanese doll!

    Dolls in Japan

    Japanese people love dressing up and looking cute. Their love for cute things is just extraordinary and is considered a significant part of their culture. Everything boils down to the word “kawaii”, which means “cute” or “lovable.” This is seen in many parts of Japanese culture in terms of entertainment, clothing, and toys.

    When it comes to dolls, Licca-chan is the most popular of all. She was first introduced in the country by Takara Co., a Japanese toy company founded in 1953. Unlike America’s popular Barbie doll, Licca-chan is noticeable for her cute and innocent appearance. She has manga-style eyes which look pretty and sparkly. Licca-chan became a famous toy which Japanese kids adored. Later on, she was given more detailed characteristics which made children even more fascinated with her. There are so many generations of cute Japanese dolls which have been produced over the years and Licca-chan is just one of them.

    Lulu Hashimoto

    Lulu Hashimoto is another doll which has recently been introduced in Japan. Her only difference from the rest is that she is actually living! She is considered the first “living doll fashion model” around the world. She was created by Hitomi Komaki who from a young age has been very passionate about dolls. At a young age, Hitomi started creating her own ball-jointed dolls. She wanted them to look as cute as possible. Later on, she came across “Nukopan”, a company which sells doll-related merchandise. Hitomi was so inspired by the doll heads the company released a few years ago, that it motivated her to make her own doll suit.

    The result of this was the creation of Lulu Hashimoto, which consists of a body suit complete with a wig, stockings, and a mask. There is so much detail in her costume, especially the stockings which have been carefully airbrushed by Koh Ueno, a fashion designer.

    However, the main focus of Lulu’s costume is her doll head which looks very real and emotional. The person wearing the costume is actually a secret, but according to reports, it has been worn by many people before such as dancers and models. Lulu has also been spotted on the streets, which attracts a lot of stares! Some people say she’s creepy while others think she’s cute.

    Lulu can be found on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. She is currently acquiring a lot of followers who are also curious and interested in her. It is predicted that before long, Lulu will be appearing in commercials and advertisements in Japan. So, if you happen to be in Tokyo, don’t freak out if you see a living doll walking down the street. Like many things in Japan reality and fantasy have been wonderfully combined!

    Lulu Hashimoto Website