Relax and Unwind at These 4 Top Cafes In Tokyo For Book Lovers!

  • How else can you best enjoy reading a good book than with a great cup of coffee? Well, at least for coffee lovers, reading whilst drinking this bitter-sweet beverage is enough to start any day and the perfect way to spend their free time. Coffee and books are a winning combination for many!

    In Tokyo, one doesn’t have to go far to enjoy both of these treats. There are some great cafes you can visit to enjoy silence, a good drink, and a comfortable location. Let’s look at some of the top picks!

    1. Paperback Cafe

    For those looking for affordable coffee and a wide selection of books, Paperback Cafe in Jimbocho is a great pick. There are various types of coffee with different prices depending on the blend, as well as simple dishes like sandwiches and curry for those who get hungry while they’re reading!

    Usual visitors in this place include students, home-based workers, and even office workers who feel like bringing their work outside the office for a change. Check out this cute and relaxing place!

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    2. Rainy Day Bookstore & Cafe

    Don’t be fooled by its name. Rainy Day Cafe is not only open to guests during the rainy season, but is actually inspired by the Japanese saying that one should spend a rainy day reading. Unlike the typical cafes in the city that can easily be located, this place is rather secluded and can easily be missed if you don’t look for it!

    It’s built in a basement which is why there is no cell phone connection, something which could be a real benefit for people who want to detach themselves from the world! Its selection of unique books including a number of English resources makes it an attractive hideout for local and international book lovers in need of some serious ‘me time’.

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    3. Brooklyn Parlor

    Are you looking for a combination of books, coffee, and art? Brooklyn Parlor is a welcoming space that mimics a New York hangout area. As such, it offers a variety of food and drinks aside from coffee, and allows guests to browse their shelves filled with great books! If you find something worthy of bringing home, you can even purchase it at the cafe!

    Due to its cozy atmosphere and restaurant-like setup, it may get crowded especially during lunch. So if you want to experience its treats without so many people, then coming at around mid-afternoon is a perfect time.

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    4. Blue Books Cafe

    This is one place you definitely don’t want to miss while strolling around Jiyugaoka, a fashionable neighborhood in the south of Tokyo. It’s a small cafe that also emits a restaurant and bar vibe with soothing jazz music in the air.

    The selection of books may not include highly academic pieces you can use for studying, but it definitely has some quality photo books, journals, essays and even fashion reading materials that perfectly compliment what the area is famous for. It’s a cozy, compact, and highly relaxing place to spend a beautiful, lazy afternoon!

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    You don’t have to be a book or coffee lover to reap the delicious treats these cafes offer. Whether you’re looking for a great place to relax after shopping around Tokyo or want to find the best cup of coffee in town, one of these cafes may be just what you’re looking for! Drop by one of these cafes, and find your own perfect place for books and coffee in Tokyo!

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