The Kumanofude Contribution to the Japanese Animation Industry

  • Kumano Brushes For Anime

    I have introduced, before, the types of Kumanofude brushes, the shop and its place in the make-up industry.
    There is also another main value that was attributed to the reputation of the Kumanofude brushes by the Ghibli Studios. As most of you know, Studio Ghibli is renowned worldwide as one of the leading animation film studios in Japan. Studio Ghibli’s most famous works include Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke.

    You may ask yourself: What do the Kumano Brushes have to do with Studio Ghibli? Well! apparently nearly 70 percent of the paint brushes used at Studio Ghibli are Kumano brushes. The Kumano brushes are used to create the stunning backgrounds in each Ghibli film scene. All of the Kumano brushes used at Studio Ghibli were ordered specially by the anime creators, and each of them was different from the previous one.

    Hand Painted Ghibli Anime Backgrounds

    I would like to introduce to you a few of the Ghibli backgrounds used in the movies painted by Kumano Brushes.

    The Satsuki and May’s house (the two human sisters), My Neighbor Totoro.

    Princess Mononoke

    All of the initial artwork and backgrounds in Studio Ghibli was done by hand, however, in our days, the templates of anime background are done by computers. The hand drawn backgrounds give the whole film a unique atmosphere that can only be found in Ghibli animations, and the Kumano brushes played a vital role in giving that unique touch.
    It is possible actually to purchase the Kumano animation brushes (not the custom made ones for Ghibli of course) at its official website.
    I hope this helped to introduce you a part of the wonderful culture we have here in Japan and how it has inspired and helped to change the world in many ways!
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