Visit Shodoshima, One of the Best Islands to See Autumnal Beauty in Japan

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  • There are many islands in Japan that possess a plethora of nature’s beauty, and Shodoshima is one such island especially famous for its beaches and autumn trees. You can expect a Mediterranean style of climate here and on many of the islands in the Seto Inland Sea which are usually covered in thick vegetation. Shodoshima has many breathtaking visual spectacles such as mountains and beaches, as well as a variety of plant and animal life. Let’s have a look at what else the island has to offer during the autumn season!

    Kankakei Gorge

    In autumn, the Kankakei Gorge in Shodoshima is filled with maple trees whose beauty has to be seen from the ropeway that extends down the heights. The ropeway starts from the top of a mountain in the center of the island, which is actually one of the highest points from where you can get a bird’s-eye view.

    Usually, you can find public transportation to reach both the start and end stations of the ropeway. During your car drive or bus journey, you will see local macaque monkeys sometimes blocking your way and getting all mischievous.

    The cable car ride over the Kankakei Gorge is very popular as the gorge is actually considered one of the three most beautiful gorges in Japan. A round-trip cable car ride usually costs around 1,470 yen and you can avail a small discount of 10% if you show this coupon (Japanese only). You can enjoy the views for merely five minutes but it is definitely worth it, keeping in mind the ample amount of beauty the place offers.

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    If taking a cable car does not sound appealing to you, you can simply take a walk and find many viewpoints from where you can get stunning views of the sea and the Kankakei Gorge. You can take plenty of memorable photos while doing a bit of hiking to find many awesome spots. You can also find parks filled with monkeys and birds in different areas of the island.

    There is also a river whose banks are usually lined up with autumn trees during November every year. During the spring season in April, you can get to see the perfect greenery and beautiful flowers in the forests.

    Known for olives and soy sauce, the island of Shodoshima is quite popular with tourists and is often referred to (or nicknamed) as “Olive Island.” There is a mountaintop restaurant which can be accessed via the ropeway where you can sit comfortably and enjoy olive dishes, ice creams, and traditional Japanese meals including seafood. There are many other facilities including a souvenir shop where you can buy different products made from locally grown olives.

    Other Attractions in Shodoshima

    The island of Shodoshima has many more attractions such as the 50-meter tall Goddess of Mercy (Kannon) statue, the famous film set museum of Nijushi no Hitomi, and the Angel Road which is a romantic sand path connecting nearby islands. There is also a Buddhist pilgrimage route that covers nearly 88 temples, and believers are expected to walk on foot to see all of them which could actually take up to two weeks.

    It can easily take a lot of days to cover all the places on this island, especially if you do not want to leave out any. You can also find acres and acres of beautiful rice fields in the area of Nakayama Senmaida, present amidst the hill slopes of the island.

    Do fill your autumn with memories on the island of Shodoshima located in Kagawa Prefecture. The place has a lot to offer, from temples and beaches to hiking and exploring.

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